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 Troops Edition 1 Comment thread: Marquis Vaulkere

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PostSubject: Troops Edition 1 Comment thread: Marquis Vaulkere   Mon Mar 19 2012, 13:16

Username: Marquis Vaulkere
Used ID: U670
Army Title: Kabal of the Lords of the Iron Thorn
Troops: 5 Wyches.

"The Wyches of the Thorn Lords are so connected within the kabal that they share a command structure and name; considering them self's to be apart of the greater kabal rather than there own separate cult. However when fighting in the rings of Commorragh they are often known as the Maidens Malevolent."


Final Five

I like the wyches. The poses and use of weapons is good. One thing I can't help notice is that the figures may not be as finished as you would like, if any of your previous work is an example. No worries, I am thrilled you got finished models in. WOOT!
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Marquis Vaulkhere
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Marquis Vaulkhere

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PostSubject: Re: Troops Edition 1 Comment thread: Marquis Vaulkere   Tue Mar 20 2012, 00:08

It was quite a time crunch at the end there but I got them there lol. Have a little more work to do just to flush out my final quality but I like the scheme and how they turned out. But those new "less burdened by clothing" blood vestal's may be replacing these girls before long,

What do you guys think of the scheme; I have had mixed revues so far.

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Troops Edition 1 Comment thread: Marquis Vaulkere
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