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 Transport explosions

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PostSubject: Transport explosions   Sun Feb 19 2012, 15:32

Need some clarification on what happens when a transport explodes:

Player one: CSM in tank - explodes and states the unit embarked dies as a result due to being unable to disembark - plus damage to 1D6 around the tank.

Player two: DE in raider - explodes and states the unit embarked disembarks 2", rolls a 1 for distance so the unit suffers no wounds.

BRB p.61 States that models in range suffers a S3 AP- hit. However BRB p.67 states that the unit suffers a S4 AP- hit. While BRB p.70 states that open-topped transports states the unit suffers one point less on explosions i.e. S3.

We both are uncertain as to how to apply the effects of the explosion on our individual transports, so we decided to roll 1D6 and remove that many models from each of our units, take a pinning test and continue the game. I checked FAQ for errata and was unable to find anything...so, how does the whole exploding transport work with units embarked for this encounter?
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Tiri Rana
Tiri Rana

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PostSubject: Re: Transport explosions   Sun Feb 19 2012, 18:01

Ok, I guess you mixed up some rules.
I know it is complicated, because the rules are scattered around three different pages.

1. When are embarked models destroyed automatically?
Passengers are only destroyed automatically, if the transport is wrecked AND they can not dissembark.
BRB p.67 wrote:
Destroyed – wrecked
The passengers must immediately disembark and then
take a Pinning test. Any models that cannot disembark
are destroyed. After this, the vehicle becomes a wreck.

2. What happens to models embarked in an exploding transport?
BRB p.67 wrote:
The unit suffers a number of Strength 4, AP– hits equal
to the number of models embarked, treated just like hits
from shooting. The surviving passengers are placed where
the vehicle used to be and then take a Pinning test.

3. What happens to models around an exploding transport?
All models in 1D6" range suffer a S3 hit as with every kind of exploding vehicle.
BRB p.61 wrote:
Flaming debris is scattered D6" from the vehicle,
and models in range suffer a Strength 3, AP– hit.

4. What changes if the exploding transport is open topped?
The hits, embarked models suffer and only these, have a strength one point lower than normal.
BRB p.70 wrote:
...the Strength of hits inflicted on passengers by exploding
open topped transports is one point lower than it
would be in a normal transport (i.e. Strength 3).

So, just to bring everything in order.
First, check if the tranport is wrecked or destroyed.
If it is wrecked embarked models suffer no hit, but are destroyed, if they can't disembark. Surrounding models aren't damaged, because no explosion took place.
If it is destroyed follow the rules for exploding vehicles, that say all models in D6" range suffer a S3, AP- hit. Then embarked models suffer a S4, AP- hit (S3 if the transport was open topped) and are placed where the vehicle used to be and take a pinning test.
That's all.


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PostSubject: Re: Transport explosions   Mon Feb 20 2012, 02:04

Thanks for clarifying that Tiri! I think I see where we got confused....we were considering the unit embarked as having disembarked prior to the damage being assigned instead of the unit embarked automatically being hit, then additional hits to any units around the transport.
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PostSubject: Re: Transport explosions   

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Transport explosions
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