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 Crystal Dragons

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PostSubject: Crystal Dragons   Thu Feb 16 2012, 14:03

I was reading the Path of the Warrior last night and in the book it mentions an Aspect Warrior group by the name of the Crystal Dragons. This is the first time I had ever heard of this group and was wondering if anyone knew anything about this group of Aspect Warriors?
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PostSubject: Re: Crystal Dragons   Thu Feb 16 2012, 19:43

So far as I know they're an innovation for the novel; a search of my lore archives reveals no other references, anyhow Smile There might be something in the Forge World sources, though.


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PostSubject: Re: Crystal Dragons   Thu Feb 16 2012, 20:20

I don't know how much truth it holds, but Just Dave at dakkadakka has written a fan codex for Eldar including Crystal Dragons, where they are a variation of Fire Dragons holding flamers instead of fusion guns.

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PostSubject: Re: Crystal Dragons   Thu Feb 16 2012, 21:51

In an interview Gav said he just made them up, and had no idea what they looked like etc, it's just a name. That said it jst re-enforces the earlier fluff that there are smaller groups of Aspect Warriors, and that the ones in the Codex are just those with the most followers.
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PostSubject: Re: Crystal Dragons   Fri Feb 17 2012, 15:30

like Tainly said, there are other Aspect Warriors, but we only get the originals in the Codex, as well as two smaller ones (Shining Spears and Warp Spiders are two of the smaller Aspects, that have grown over time) Im sure there are a ton of different Aspect Shrines, just like Space Marine Chapters, but they might be only on a few Craftworlds or Exodite Planets, where the ones in the Codex are everywhere.

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PostSubject: Re: Crystal Dragons   Fri Feb 17 2012, 19:15

Yeah, I mean there's also the Slicing Orbs and the Eagle Pilots - neither are mentioned much but they're certainly Aspects that are out there. GW tends to like to name drop and mature things over time as they need to flesh out the background (as a reference - check out the C'Tan which started as a sword and became Star Gods...or even the Ultrmarines, for that matter)


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PostSubject: Re: Crystal Dragons   

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Crystal Dragons
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