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 DE - Tougher than you might think...

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PostSubject: DE - Tougher than you might think...   Thu Jan 26 2012, 10:57

I was cooking dinner last night when I heard a squeal and a thump from upstairs, turns out my fiancee had dropped a box of clothes on the bed that had bounced off the far side, and landed on the squad of hellions I've been putting together in the evenings. Mad

I got all excited when she said she'd buy me something to replace them, I was thinking another squad of scourges, or possibly a tantalus if she was feeling really guilty. Laughing

But no, bar a slightly bent hellglaive that was soon fixed the squad emerged unscathed. Shocked Guess that extra point of toughness makes all the difference...

Anyone else got any stories of unexpected survivals? I remember an interview with my old boss in white dwarf once where one of his metal models had swan dived off a shelf onto a concrete floor and the resultant nose-job actually improved the look he was going for.

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PostSubject: Re: DE - Tougher than you might think...   Thu Jan 26 2012, 13:55

No, only stories of expected explosions Mad I swear mine break in protective cases.


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PostSubject: Re: DE - Tougher than you might think...   Thu Jan 26 2012, 20:15

I am yet to meet a Dark Eldar player who has Raiders with intact poles.

For the most part they hold up well, just the vehicles are constantly breaking, bits and pieces here and there.


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PostSubject: Re: DE - Tougher than you might think...   Thu Jan 26 2012, 20:26

I liked old GW "hybrid" approach. Seriously, those bits should be made from metal.

Pewter and etched brass LOOKS good (Tantalus...), it's easier to manufacture (I think most of You can manage to make both in Your homes, I "kinda" tried casting with soldering tin few years ago, I think I still have things I've made...) and You can jib Your customers even further lol) than plastic.
Hell, You can even sell them as bits, people would buy those.
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PostSubject: Re: DE - Tougher than you might think...   Thu Jan 26 2012, 22:05

The only things I've had broken so far is the ponytail on one of my scourges... that was kinda irritating.

The worst offenders on my models are those freakin blades on the bottoms of my raiders! Thos things are always snapping off...
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PostSubject: Re: DE - Tougher than you might think...   Fri Jan 27 2012, 08:04

I keep breaking the blades on the bottom of the Raiders and the part where the tip of the rail rests on the Raider/top of the sponsons are connected on the Ravager. My Archon's head came off once aswell, but I just added some more greenstuff and glued it to place.

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PostSubject: Re: DE - Tougher than you might think...   Fri Jan 27 2012, 19:00

A cronos conversion survived being thrown into a piece of furniture 8' away(very bad day). Then fell apart in bubble wrap, after being used in a few games and repacked. Still sitting on shelf waiting for tentacle reattachment, since I purchased razorwings. I also had a entry for golden daemon fall apart at every seam on way there, clean break though so you couldn't tell after reglue. Every blade broke off my wracks, probably put skaven weapons on to replace them. Local_ork is right, so things should have stayed metal. I do like finecast for most things, just not thin blades/spiked.
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PostSubject: Re: DE - Tougher than you might think...   

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DE - Tougher than you might think...
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