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 Necrons Army List Idea (2k)

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PostSubject: Necrons Army List Idea (2k)   Tue Dec 20 2011, 19:55

Yeah, I took them up awhile ago when I picked up their Codex. What can I say? I'll start any half-way decent looking Xenos army before Imperial swine. Razz

Anyone familiar with Necrons or other armies will be helpful here in analyzing my plans for a all-comers army, so here we go:

Scoring Lychguard (tm)

HQ: Trazyn
HQ: Overlord - Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs

Royal Court 1:
Necron Lord - Labyrinth, Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, Res Orb
Eldricht Lance & Solar Pulse Cryptek

Royal Court 2:
Eldricht Lance & Solar Pulse Cryptek
Eldricht Lance Cryptek

EL: 8 Lychguard - Hyperphase Swords & Dispersion Shields (+Trazyn, Overlord, Lord)
/ Night Scythe

TR: 8 Warriors (+ Lance Cryptek)
/ Night Scythe
TR: 5 Immortals - Tesla Carbines (+ Pulse Cryptek)
/ Night Scythe
TR: 5 Immortals - Tesla Carbines (+ Pulse Cryptek)
/ Night Scythe

FST: 5 Scarabs
FST: Heavy Destroyer
FST: Heavy Destroyer

HVY: Annihilation Barge
HVY: Annihilation Barge
HVY: Doom Scythe

Now I know I have some points sinks in odd places (Naww Wink) But it's not aiming to be fully optimized either. The biggest things likely to change to change the list up will be:

- Minus 3 Warriors
- Replace Doom Scythe with Annhilation Barge
- Minus 3 Lychguard
- Hell, maybe minus 2nd Royal Court + Overlord, depends how much I wanna gamble with one Warscythe joining the unit.

Main "gimmick" I'm using though is the title. Trazyn is the guy who 1- Is Scoring, and 2 - potentially dies and replaces a Lychguard/Necron Lord, or Cryptek on the field potentially. Likely place he'll turn up is back in the Lychguard. Fancy that. Also fancy: When he does this he "possesses" the model in question, and removes the poor unfortunate android "from play as a casualty" Which means: I still get Reanimation Protocols for that poor sod! Twisted Evil The unit is big because it's role is pretty much in your face role, and stay there.

Everything else is shooty generally be mid table or hang back and take opportunity shots. The 2 Solar Pulses were crammed in to give me flexibility of choice.

Any comments to help would be nice, and though I'm doing an arguably "gimmicky" thing I'd like to keep it, Warriors/Immortals alone are too dull for my Scoring choices.
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Necrons Army List Idea (2k)
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