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 New dark eldar

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PostSubject: Re: New dark eldar   Sat Dec 10 2011, 20:35

Wyches lack flesh. I'd want models that made me think that 4++ save is due to enemies being distracted by porn fighting chicks. Oh, and no wych-boys please. Boys get converted in Wracks better (I don't see wrack girls anywhere).

I waited to buy Grotesques, because I hoped they would be awesome. Then GW shows only one mini, in Finecast, and is far worse than I expected.

If someone knows where to buy Nemesis Evolutions minis from Confrontation Scorpions I'd be happy... they'd made some awesome grotesques...

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PostSubject: Re: New dark eldar   Sat Dec 10 2011, 21:11

Boob&buttless Wyches are (one, other are Raiders) main reason I started my Scratchbuild Extravaganza...

One thing, I would compare old Grots to new Wracks due to size and style (half of them wear skirts [actually they could make cool helmetless Wracks leaders/"minor" Haemonculi], half Warrior-like armour [court members?]).

[Picture in case You did not know how old grots look like]

Also I liked old Incubi due to fact they are evil (cooler) bros of Striking Scorpions. This "insect" armour... oh, they come in cloacks too, like gangsters (not "gangsta")
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PostSubject: Re: New dark eldar   Sun Dec 11 2011, 01:03

Actually, I use old Grotesques as my Haemonculi... I only removed their arms to give them some liquifer guns and weapons.

The best thing about old Incubi is their skull mask... I'd say it's like the symbol of all the old Dark Eldar range. And yes, Vect Incubi are the best gangsters of space I've ever seen.

Archon ÐЖѦXΛI: Let's go outside... and wipe out an entire civilization in a feast of murder and pain.

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Aurora Doomfall

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PostSubject: Re: New dark eldar   Sun Dec 11 2011, 04:19

I agree with tor665, exept about the mandrakes, Kruellagh and Urian rakarth, he looks terrable.

Why is the new haemonculus wearing kabilite armour, its nowhere in the rules

Can people fight from the back of open topped vehicles? i dont think Vect would dirty his feet
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PostSubject: Re: New dark eldar   Wed Dec 14 2011, 14:19

It was the new model range the made me pick DE as my next 40K project. I've got 3K+ points of Codex SM painted up to a pretty high standard, and knew i wanted to diversify to a non-imperium/order force and when i saw round one of the DE plastics release it was a no brainer with Goodwin casting and Kelly writing.
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Spleen Hammer

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PostSubject: Re: New dark eldar   Wed Dec 28 2011, 04:54

I really am entrenched in the "New DE are the Bestest DE" camp. When DE first came out they had giant space heads and were painted purple to boot. They were horrible...

Now, I've been away from 40K for awhile now (since Necrons first got their original codex) and have been lurking for about a year now. When I saw the Talos, I knew that the new DE were what I wanted to field. I don't even care how well they work in an actual game, I will field 2 of them just because I love them so much.

Old Incubi vs New Incubi? New, hands down. The old ones had big heads, tiny bodies and hips from lizards. The skull masks were rather endearing though. The new ones just smack of menace and palpable violence. I will field them, again, just because I love the models.

As far as everything else goes, I dig the new line as everything all seems to flow with every other unit whereas the old stuff seemed hodge-podge.

Truth be told here, I decided to field the DE solely on their looks and rumored fluff and subsequently found out that they were pretty sweet "in-game". So for me it's a win-win.

Spleen Hammer

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PostSubject: Re: New dark eldar   Wed Dec 28 2011, 07:27

I like most of the new models over the old once... (have about every of the old, and new)

But I do agree that old Talos was way better. That thing looked scary, fielding the new one, its more like "oh look how cute it looks" meh...

The new Raiders and Ravangers look really cool, but do have to smooth edges...
Beastmasters was way better before tho.

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PostSubject: Re: New dark eldar   Wed Dec 28 2011, 08:26

Having both i have to side with the new models 100%.

Warriors look much more dangerous and more in proportion.

Wyches - this one is a hard call as the gladiator style on the old is better but the proprtions of the new are better.

Scourges/beast masters/beasts/raiders/ravagers/mandrakes/incubi/all other models - all better in the new form.

Infact there is not one current dark eldar model i don't like.

That said, i have a soft spot for my old talos

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Dread Pirate

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PostSubject: Re: New dark eldar   Fri Dec 30 2011, 16:44

I have had the privelege of meeting and talking extensively with the Sculptor of the original DE line. Gary is a great guy, but the DE are a bit of a sore spot with him. Even he was never very pleased with them.

Personally, I had always liked the DE, but could never get past the models, I thought they were..ugly. From a painters point of view, they had a couple of good models, but most were uninspired in my opinion.

The new models, are pure win, across the board. At least from a painters perspective. Most of the armies I do have little to do with playstyle, but they way they look. One reason I am fondand own rather large Mordians and Firstborne even though I am not a guard player.

DE have the luxury to me of being a beautiful army to look at and paint as well as fun and competitive to play. In terms of 40k, its the perfect army.

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Vael Galizur
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PostSubject: Re: New dark eldar   Tue Jan 03 2012, 08:27

I concur that the new models are tremendously better, despite that I cannibalized countless of the old models to make my original Craftworld Eldar army look tougher.

I do think the new wyches look a bit plain when compared to the other new models, but the old wyches were poorly proportioned and had hideous faces. I green stuffed their faces into masks and made them into Harlequins back before the new ones had come out.

For the wyches in my new DE army, I am going to use these ladies: http://privateerpress.com/files/products/Satyxis-Blood-Witches-Unit.png I love space pirates and they will be quite easy to convert as most of them have free hands for splinter pistols. They will be accompanied by this mini which will be a Hecatrix, a Succubus, or a counts as Haemonculous depending on what I need: http://privateerpress.com/files/products/Piarate-Queen-Skarre09-CLPD_0.png

I can understand some people preferring the old raiders or not being into the flying boat thing, even though I think they are just about the coolest model vehicle ever. It is hard to imagine that anyone would prefer the old Scourges, but what I am incredibly surprised by is that there are so many fans of the old Talos. I always though that was the lamest thing in the old range. The description sounded cool, but it always looked more like a robotic shrimp on its back or a shoehorn with teeth than a scorpion. Its arms were so small and unwieldy looking and those severed heads on its carapace always just looked comical to me. Like he was a hat rack that could trim your hedges. Having been a big collector of Confrontation, especially the Alchemists of Dirz, I was quite happy to see some design influence rubbing off on the new Coven units, especially in light of Rackham's collapse.

I do hate the new Grotesque, but that seems to be a pretty standard view. I am also not very fond of the Beastmaster or any of his creatures. His skyboard is awesome and will make nice Baron conversions, but he looks pretty lame, especially his mask. The Razorwings look cartoonish, and the Clawed Fiend is a six nippled monkey rat on steroids. I want to like the Khymeras because they are kind of cool, at least way better than the others, but I feel like they are a less cool rip off of the Tigers of Dirz: http://athens101.com/gallery/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=2921&g2_serialNumber=2 http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs17/f/2007/158/9/7/Tiger_of_Dirz_by_VladislausDantes.jpg And those are my minis, so I have no need for the GW models if I ever decide to experiment with the Beastmaster. I'd also use Screamers of Tzeentch for Razorwings and probably another one of my old Dirz minis for the Clawed Fiend, the Aberration: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs16/f/2007/158/6/a/The_Aberration_by_VladislausDantes.jpg, though he looks more like a Coven model. I love him, but he's too big to be a Grotesque and too small to be a Talos. One of these would be cool and be a bit more appropriate: http://privateerpress.com/files/products/legion-of-everblight/warbeasts/raek.png Which kinda makes me want to use one of these for a Beastmaster: http://privateerpress.com/files/products/hellion.png Might be a bit large though.
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PostSubject: Re: New dark eldar   Tue Jan 03 2012, 18:25

New DE line drew me back into 40K. Agree that the Grotesques are horrible sculpts, though.

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PostSubject: Re: New dark eldar   Tue Jan 03 2012, 18:38

@Raneth wrote:
Agree that the Grotesques are horrible sculpts, though.

I think that you mean "sculpt", not "sculpts" Laughing


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PostSubject: Re: New dark eldar   Wed Jan 04 2012, 04:32

I think most of us agree that the new DE sculpts are better, it is more the theme in some cases... If I use the Incubi and Talos and examples... The new sculpts are certainly better on a technical level... The new Talos however looks a bit 'bumbly' while the last one was pretty menacing.

The Incubi are tougher... about the only old models I really liked (My old warriors = converted eldar guardians...), although I agree they had weird proportions.

However remove the horns (which I don't like) and the new Incubi do exude menace... the only problem is they look like warriors with meat cleavers now Razz

Now ideally I would have liked them to maintain the tormentor helm with the shooty bit obvious on the model and avoided the horns and given them something else to make them stand out.. I hate the it is evil lets put horns on it line of thought >.<.

I also don't like the new weapons... they don't look as graceful as the old weapons... Although as I say the sculpt for the weapon is better in technical terms and looks really nice... I just don't like the theme they went with...

The new warriors however I love and are what got in my way when it came to collecting a proper DE army in the past.
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PostSubject: Re: New dark eldar   

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New dark eldar
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