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 Kabal of the Last Hartred

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PostSubject: Kabal of the Last Hartred   Kabal of the Last Hartred I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 22 2019, 00:10

Hello everyone.

I am new player on Warhammer 40k and has started an army from the faction Kabal of the last Hartred. The colors are purple as main, brown and fenrisian blue as details. I decided to create a kitbashing model to be the Archon, because i read some books and articles to figure out how the archon could be. And some article describe the archon as female, so i combined some bits from raging heroes with GW to make it.

I am planning to add vehicles [ Two raiders and two venoms]. As beginner i need to improve a lot, but i am loving this hobby. You can make suggestions.

I created a custom dices to the faction

Kabal of the Last Hartred Archon10

Kabal of the Last Hartred Archon11

Kabal of the Last Hartred Kabal10

Kabal of the Last Hartred Lastha10
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Kabal of the Last Hartred
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