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 Bone Flavored Paint Scheme

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PostSubject: Bone Flavored Paint Scheme   Thu Mar 14 2019, 16:41

Hey all,

New to the forum and Dark Eldar. Trying to come up with a unique paint scheme. Did some searching for inspiration and found this:

The Bone colored armor seems like it wouldn't be too hard to replicate on infantry. Probably:
Base: Zandri Dust, Shade: Seraphim Sepia, Layer: Ushabti Bone and a Edge Highlight of Screaming Skull.

Under-suit and weapon also seems simple enough.

I'm unsure what colors were used on the tabard (skin) as well as the other details/eyes. It looks like turquoise or teal.

For Vehicles I was actually considering switching the primary/secondary colors with the main panals being either black or a very dark blue with light blue/teal/turquoise highlights on the extreme edges and bone being used for the sails or other parts.

Question to the forum...how do you guys think this scheme would look army wide? What are your opinions on the colors used/how I intend to recreate them? I'm hoping that this will not obscure the detail on elite characters/infantry.
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Bone Flavored Paint Scheme
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