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 Drukhari that follow the Ynnari

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PostSubject: Drukhari that follow the Ynnari   Wed Jan 09 2019, 17:58

That "pull" form She Who Thirst especially in real space can get very hectic for a long lived Archon or any ancient Drukhari. If a member of the Dark Eldar that follows the Ynnari, are they immune from that "pull".

Our souls are pretty much secured now right? Immortality achieved without the excessive means of torture and pain from others?

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PostSubject: Re: Drukhari that follow the Ynnari   Wed Jan 09 2019, 21:30

Slaanesh still hungers and takes their souls, but if another being is being tortured Slaanesh goes after that ones soul 1st and no longer touches theirs, it is said torturing others makes them feel like their souls are being rejuvenated (From what i read this is the wording they used, and i think its not really rejuvenating them, but kinda like when you take your shoes and socks off, that feels good, feeling of relieved, their souls where being pulled at and now they arnt).

How does Eldar stop the pull? Well with Spirit Stone. Spirit Stone are crafted for each user, what Yvraine did (Yvarine being Born as Biel-tan knew how to make Spirit Stone) she makes all her followers have Spirit Stone and additional ones (void of personality and not crafted for each person) to make them stronger when another falls.

So.. basically, its just Spirit Stone.

Edit: I want to add, that Spirit Stone are really hard to get, you have to go into the wrap to get them. So i honestly dont know, but am guessing (I still havent read all the Lore for Ynnari yet) that she is taking Spirit Stone from the thousands of dead Biel-Tan that helped her make the Yncarne.

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PostSubject: Re: Drukhari that follow the Ynnari   Thu Jan 10 2019, 16:54

The drukhari are slowly drained by Slaanesh in part because they've allowed their psychic defenses to atrophy.

Following Ynnead replaces one pull with another. Their soul is still consigned to a Warp entity (albeit one they chose), and is still drained over time, but when they die they join Ynnead instead of being consumed by She-Who-Thirsts.

I imagine the question of "which of the two of them is siphoning our souls on a nightly basis?" would be a lively debate if the drukhari were interested in debating it. Unfortunately, they probably aren't. The most knowledgeable about the process are the haemonculi, and they aren't sharing what they know, often not even with each other. The Commorrite loyalists of the kabals and cults are living in denial: they don't openly discuss their relationship with Slaanesh, treating their immortality and psychic vampirism as a natural facet of themselves. Those few who were pressed to the question would say Slaanesh is still eating the souls of the Ynnari, either out of fear of reprisal for saying otherwise, or because they refuse to believe otherwise out of fear. I imagine the Drukhari who joined Ynnead, possessed of a great deal of faith (they'd have to be, after all), would most likely believe that Ynnead is the one taking their essence now. There may be a small group of them who believes Slaanesh steals their psychic essence, and chooses to 'starve' themselves as long as they can in order to deny She-Who-Thirsts, but I imagine they're a very, very small number.
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PostSubject: Re: Drukhari that follow the Ynnari   

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Drukhari that follow the Ynnari
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