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 Next to try, 3 x 10 Mandrakes

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Lost Vyper
Kabalite Warrior
Lost Vyper

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PostSubject: Next to try, 3 x 10 Mandrakes   Sat Dec 29 2018, 11:10


I´m having pretty good results with one 10 man Mandrake unit and since i´m going to get a nice deal on 20 more Mandrakes, i´m going all out. I´m thinking of a Vanguard detachment with 3 x 10 Mandrakes...i actually love these dudes in CC also, i´ve had really viable enemy units getting bogged down by the 10 man gang, but in the last game, as the enemy was using the annoying marine shoot-while-you-appear-stratagem, i lost a few models while getting greedy and coming in too close , so learned from that Wink.

Has any one tried this? The order is already set, so i´m hoping for good news people Smile

- LV
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PostSubject: Re: Next to try, 3 x 10 Mandrakes   Sat Dec 29 2018, 12:10

I have tried this, and before the Reserves changes early in the year they were fantastic.
After the changes they become slightly less good, but still fairly nice.
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Lord Weston
Lord Weston

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PostSubject: Re: Next to try, 3 x 10 Mandrakes   Sat Dec 29 2018, 13:29

I tried this a couple of games ago. It worked really well, I took out a techmarine on a bike some scouts on an objective an assault squad and some characters plus a landspeeder over a couple of turns with them. The caveat is my opponents list was poor and he had a bad game
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PostSubject: Re: Next to try, 3 x 10 Mandrakes   

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Next to try, 3 x 10 Mandrakes
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