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PostSubject: Re: Mandrakes/incubi   Thu Dec 06 2018, 03:07

Well Guardsmen are going up in points, but even anti-tank to make then -1 BS (1/2 wounds to a tank) against 3 tanks is better than killing 2 tanks a lot of the times, especially if you already have a -1 to hit.

Auto-hit tanks are different, but LRBC for an example, when hitting on 5+ and 6+ they dont really have much of a threat.

Making them move is important too, another reason you need terrain, without terrain then just take 9 LR's, etc.. if you dont need to move and can see everything then its just a free for all at who can shoot better.

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PostSubject: Re: Mandrakes/incubi   Thu Dec 06 2018, 04:54

I think he just got insanely lucky on his overwatch tho.

His lowest roll on turrets was 8 shots and his worst overwatch (with stratagem ofc) was 5 shots with the cannon which obliterated anything in my list. The terrain has many holes in it so he was able to always  see my ppl, I tried charging from behind a staircase but my mandrakes didn't make it and he had a tank that was covering the only LoS blocking parsk. Regardless of that, the hellhound would've taken out everything I had anyways from that point on, you can't kill 2 LRs and a Hellhound with a standard equipped archon and kabalite warriors with shredders in a raider.

As said the match was a poor testing ground for me since going against basically what was a local tournament list written by our best Imperial Guard player (he wasn't the one playing tho) vs a Drukhari playing WYSIWYG as much as possible while cramming in mandrakes for no reason other than to test them. I also specifically didn't want to bring so many blasters and venoms as to give my opponent a chance because right now in 750-1250p bracket I have lost only a single match out of 11 which led to for example my GF which plays Adeptus to not want to play against my Drukhari anymore.

But at this point I'm probably waiting for the chapter approved, if Ravagers don't get nerfed to crap it's probably time for some.
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