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 Re-writing the Craftworld Attributes

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PostSubject: Re-writing the Craftworld Attributes   Tue Nov 13 2018, 03:28

Iyanden:  Covering Fire
Ever since the horrific invasion by hive fleet Kraken, the warriors of Iyanden have been forced to hone the effectiveness of their defensive formations so as to minimize further loss of life.
Units with this attribute not within 1” of an enemy unit and within 6” of another friendly Iyanden unit(s) may fire Overwatch at an enemy unit attempting to charge the other Iyanden unit(s) that are within 6”.  Units without a Ranged weapon add 1 to their hit rolls on a turn they Charged, were Charged, or made a Heroic Intervention for the duration of the Fight phase.
Designer’s note:  This was the attribute I wanted to fix the most.  I felt it just didn’t make sense in its original incarnation and did not really give much of a real benefit to a majority of the units.  Aeldari already have great leadership and ways of improving it.  I feel this new attribute represents how an Iyanden army would actually fight differently on the battlefield compared to, say, a Biel-Tan army, with extra emphasis on minimizing loss of life.  It gives them something very useful over improving a quality they already have.  It doesn’t benefit some of the melee-oriented Aspect shrines that much, but it makes sense that Iyanden would be more wont to field Wraithblades instead, which greatly benefit from the trait by design.

Saim-Hann:  Wild Host

“Each member of a Saim-hann wild host longs to be the first into the fight, the one to win all the glory; nothing stands between them and their quarry.”
Codex Aeldari: Craftworlds
Units with this attribute roll 3 dice and choose the highest when rolling for an Advance move. In addition, Biker units with this attribute do not suffer the penalty to their hit rolls for moving and firing Heavy weapons.  Furthermore, units with this attribute may Charge after Falling Back.
Designer’s note:  A major criticism of the original incarnation of this attribute was it’s narrow application.  It really only benefitted Melee units and Bikes.  While the Asuryani have enough melee units and support units to build melee armies, why not make an attribute that not only benefits melee armies but all kinds of Saim-Hann forces?  The tri-partite nature of this revision ensures that no matter what units you choose to field they will receive at least some kind of benefit, and leave open the possibility for combos based around coordinating units that are playing to their strengths - what an Asuryani player should be doing.

Ulthwe:  Foresight of the Damned
“All Aeldari are psychically attuned, but none more so than those of Ulthwe.  Perhaps tainted by their long proximity to the Eye of Terror, their intuition borders well into prescience.”
Codex Aeldari: Craftworlds
Roll a D6 each time a model with this attribute loses a wound; on a 6+ that wound is ignored.  If a model has a similar ability (e.g. the Hemlock Wraithfighter’s Spirit Stones ability, the Farseer’s Ghosthelm ability, or the Fortune blessing from the Runes of Fate psychic discipline) use both abilities applying the attribute ability after all other similar abilities.  This attribute counts as a saving throw for the purposes of the Protect/Jynx psychic power.
Designer’s note:  In my opinion, an attribute should not get in the way of other abilities within its own codex.  I feel that allowing for these defensive buffs to stack is not too powerful from an internal balance perspective, as other attributes have also been improved.  As for external balance, I don’t see Ulthwe armies steamrolling the competition, just being taken seriously.

Biel-Tan:  The Swordwind
The Swordwind has many meanings for the Aeldari of Biel-Tan, not the least of which is their ethos of warfare: a swift strike that overwhelms the foe completely
The first time a unit with this attribute shoots in your shooting phase and fights in your fight phase it may shoot the same target twice and be chosen to pile-in and attack the same target twice.  In both cases every model in the Biel-Tan unit must target the same enemy unit for all of their attacks within the same phase.
Designer’s note:  I struggled the most to come up with a trait that wouldn’t favor any one unit too much, be balanced internally and externally, and represent the overwhelming nature of the Swordwind.  I think this trait is not overly powerful, as in order to make the most of it you must be careful when building your army list not to include any units that run the risk of over-killing their target, and during the game you’ll have to hold back until you can make your crucial strike, which must indeed devastate like the Swordwind as you’ll then be playing the rest of the game effectively without an attribute.

Alaitoc:  Fieldcraft
“Through a combination of stealth, superior scouting reports and peerless camouflage, Alaitoc units are able to obscure themselves on the battlefield.”
Codex Aeldari:  Craftworlds
Your opponent must subtract 1 from any hit rolls for attacks that target a unit with this attribute at a range of more than 12”.  If a Titanic unit with this attribute has moved, it loses this ability.
Designer’s note:  Second only to the Swordwind, I really pondered over this one.  I’m still not sure if I’ve amped the other attributes enough for it not to still dominate, and so far I haven't thought of an effective alternative to the original.  My consolation is that at least now I can rest easy knowing that the ridiculous notion that a Wraithknight could be anything other than obvious once it moves is put to rest.

My 8th edition fandex is complete enough for appraisal .  I'm sure there are inconsistencies, please let me know where they lie as you find them.  Thank you! Click here for fandex
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PostSubject: Re: Re-writing the Craftworld Attributes   Wed Nov 14 2018, 10:55

Not trying to be rude, but is there a point to this?

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Re-writing the Craftworld Attributes
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