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 Rules for my Kabal, Cult and Overlord

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PostSubject: Rules for my Kabal, Cult and Overlord    Sat Jul 28 2018, 20:07

Hi all, have been developing some rules for my Kabal of the Tainted Word along with their closest allies, the Cult of the Shadowed Talon. As a spy network and talents as espionage and stealth, I wanted to give them something that matched that theme. See what you think. Tried to make it in keeping with the flavor of the rulebook and the game as it stands.

Kabal Obsession
Masters of the Shadows
The Kabal of the Tainted Word spend a significant proportion of their lives stealthily gathering information from their rivals. So adept are they, that it is said that they can hide themselves even from the ever watchful eyes of the Supreme Overlord himself.
Units with this obsession that are in cover add +1 to their cover saves.

Kabal Strategem
Communications disruption: 2CP
The spy network of the Kabal of the Tainted Word is insidious in nature and will spread misdirection throughout enemy forces both prior to and during the battle.
Use this stratagem when an enemy unit enters the battlefield from the reserves. After your opponent has placed the unit, you may move this unit 2D6” from its intended position.

Warlord Trait
The Archons of the Kabal of the Tainted word are masters of gathering crucial information, studying their techniques and using it to expose the weaknesses of their opponents. When they enter the battlefield, it is with an intricate knowledge of every individual of note in the enemy forces.
The Archon can reroll saving throws against wounds caused by CHARACTERS. In addition, the warlord may reroll to wound rolls of a 1 against enemy CHARACTERS

The Silencer
This blade is a direct gift from the Mandrakes, when it claims a victim, it activates, drawing light to it to shroud its surroundings in pure darkness.
Archon with a venom blade only. Replaces the venom blade and has the following profile:

Weapon: The Silencer      
Type: Melee
S *
AP -1
D 2
Abilities: Poisoned weapon (page 87). Add 2 to wound rolls made for this weapon, unless it is targeting a VEHICLE. If a model is slain in the fight phase by this weapon, all attacks from enemy units within 1” suffer -1 to hit when targeting the warlord for the remainder of the phase.

Cult of the Shadowed Talon

Stealthy approach
The performers in the arenas of the Cult of the Shadowed Talon have perfected the art of stealth kills, able to hide in plain sight as their approach their victims.
Enemy models targeting units with this obsession in the shooting phase suffer -1 to their to hit rolls at a distance of 12” or more

Warlord Trait
Deadly Assassin
Succubi of the Cult of the Shadowed Talon are known to hone themselves for the perfect kill, targeting loners in battle and disposing of them with grace and skill.
During any turn in which the warlord charged, any unmodified to wound rolls of 6+ cause D3 mortal wounds

Keys to the Webway
Of Kha’lir’s many gifts to the Cult, this is perhaps the most prized. Taken from the remains of a harlequin shadowseer, these keys offer the bearer instance access between realspace and the webway.
At the beginning of your movement phase, even if within 1” of enemy models, you may remove the bearer from the battlefield and redeploy her anywhere on the table more than 9” away from enemy models.

Poisoned kiss: 1CP
Most wyches of the Cult of the Shadowed Talon carry limited supplies of new and experimental poisons to be used on those they see as worthy of their usage.
Use this stratagem when a Cult of the Shadowed Talon unit attacks in the fight phase. Add +1 to their wound rolls until the end of the phase.

Special Characters

Kha’lir: Warden of Whispers
Name    M  WS  BS  S  T  W  A  Ld  Sv
Kha’lir   8” 2+  2+  3  3   5   5   9   5+
Kha’lir is a single model armed with the silencer and a blast pistol. Only one of this model may be included in your army.

Power from Pain

Warden of Whispers: Whenever an enemy unit declares a charge on a unit within 6” of this model, both you and your opponent roll a D6 and add their respective leaderships (that of Kha’lir vs. the enemy unit). If the opponent wins the roll off, nothing happens. If you win the roll off, the charge fails and the unit in question may not move for any reason for the remainder of the phase.

Overlord of the Tainted Word: friendly Kabal of the Tainted Word units within 6” may use this models Ld when taking moral tests. In addition, these models may also reroll all failed to hit rolls.

Ulterior Motives
Select one enemy model. When Targeting this model, Kha’lir gains +2 attacks and any unmodified to wound rolls of 6+ cause a mortal wound in addition to any damage.

Let me know what you think.
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PostSubject: Re: Rules for my Kabal, Cult and Overlord    Sun Jul 29 2018, 00:25

If the Spymaster warlord trait is intended to also apply to the shadowfield of an Archon, then it's way too overpowered. But if it follows the rules of our codex and only applies to the basic save, then it's OK.

I think The Deadly Assassin warlord trait could be considered a bit too strong.

The rest seems rather balanced and more importantly goes well with the lore of your Drukhari.
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PostSubject: Re: Rules for my Kabal, Cult and Overlord    Sun Jul 29 2018, 04:24

Only normal saves, says in shadowfield it can't be rerolled, thanks Smile ah ok, thought that having it only for the 1 turn might make it ok, how about something: 'on the turn the warlord charges, she may target a single model instead of using he standard attacks, if she hits, this model takes D3 mortal wounds'?
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PostSubject: Re: Rules for my Kabal, Cult and Overlord    

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Rules for my Kabal, Cult and Overlord
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