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 Uses of wracks?

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PostSubject: Uses of wracks?   Thu Jul 12 2018, 13:18

Is anybody regularly USCG wracks? They seem like solid backfield objective holders and deepstrike denial. Since I run other coven stuff already I was thinking about 3 x 5 man squads to replace the rangers I run in my elder detachment. On the other hand I feel like I'm spending about 180 points on them almost exclusively to upgrade to a battalion and get the Cps which might just be better spent on more grots or talks....

The second thought however is looking at a lot of the high tier chaos lists which are often giant blobs of plague bearers backed by demon princes. Now I know we don't have anything as punchy as a character as a dp but they do seem to compare relatively well to plaguebearers so a giant wave of them seems reasonably viable. Relative to a plague bearer they are
+2 points - clearly a negative
4++/6+++ vs 5++/5++ basically a wash
+1 attack
+1 toughness
+2? Movement
Natural wounding on 4s
And only require one support character instead of 3ish

Is there something there? Has anyone tried huge numbers of them? Are they even worth it if you have a lot of coven already?
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PostSubject: Re: Uses of wracks?   Thu Jul 12 2018, 13:48

I don't believe the strength of Plaguebearers is in their statline.

If you're taking a Covens detachment, Wracks are so cheap that you may as well make it a Battalion for, like you said, screening and objective holding. Ossefactors are decent too if you've got the points.

I don't run Covens hardly ever if I'm being honest, but if I do, it's a Battalion with minsquad + Ossefactor Wracks 100% of the time.

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PostSubject: Re: Uses of wracks?   Thu Jul 12 2018, 18:11

I’ve been considering Coven quite heavily recently.

Wracks are just a little bit durable, but that’s about it.

Their combat is good-ish, their shooting is laughable, they don’t do anything other than respawn with strategic aid in Prophets.

Objective Camping is about all they’re good for, and they can probably hold a countercharge, but that’s it.  If they are camping, though, don’t overlook the Hex Rifle.  You’ll rarely kill anything, but knocking one or 2 wounds off some characters over the course of the game could tip the scales in a later combat.

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PostSubject: Re: Uses of wracks?   Thu Jul 12 2018, 19:01

My mainly issue with them is that 4 Wracks are 36 points where 1 Grot is 35.

Anyway with a Prophet Battalion I would like to play 10-10-10 of them at foot, just for maximize my mandatory troops with the Wracks stratagem.
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PostSubject: Re: Uses of wracks?   

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Uses of wracks?
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