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 New Drukhari Player vs Tau 250-350 pts

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PostSubject: New Drukhari Player vs Tau 250-350 pts   Wed Jul 11 2018, 01:38

Just got into 8th edition 40k and loving the look and feel of the Drukhari units. My buddy just bought the Tau start collecting box and a unit of stealth suits. I currently have 1 10man box of kabilite warriors. We want to do a small 250-350 pt game against each other to start out with. Any tips on some units I could buy or strategies to employ so I can bring sweet sweet pain to his space commies?

-Current thoughts are to grab either the old start collecting box and keep it shooty (although I don't really like the look of the reavers so I'm hesitant to do so)
-or grab the new start collecting box and mix up shooty and stabby (same issue with the reavers)
-or grab a pair of venoms and an archon sperately

tactically my understanding is that I have to knock his battlesuits out quick and cover alot ground so that his guys don't shoot me to pieces.
those are just my initial reads though, I bow to the collective experience of the internet.
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PostSubject: Re: New Drukhari Player vs Tau 250-350 pts   Wed Jul 11 2018, 09:13

Well, it depends of what he plays with 250 pts.  250 pts means you have not much on the table and I suppose you should consider using 1 HQ & 1 troop and maybe one other thing of anything.

Battlesuits are not cheap. I would expect that he uses a commander but otherwise, if he has other battlesuits, they have a 4+ to hit usually.

You do not have choices for me. Kabalites are the main thing in Dark Eldar for shooting. Covens (Monsters/Haemonculus) and Wych Cult (Furies and melee units/Motojets) have more a melee role so its up to you.

For a first game I would take a Raider with a Disintegrator canon + 1 Archon with a Grenade Launcher and a Blaster  and 5 Kabalites with a Blaster. This would make your list worth 220 pts if i am right. This would fit with the old Start Collecting Box but i think the new one has a Venom and Wych cult.

For 350 pts, add a Ravager with Disintegrator Canons....

Really, buying 10 kabalites, 1 Raider, 1 Ravagers and 1 Archon for a starter is a minimum and I thikn you will always be able to play those as they are quite good in the actual codex.
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New Drukhari Player vs Tau 250-350 pts
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