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 Duku Sliscus in 8th edition

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The Strange Dark One

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PostSubject: Duku Sliscus in 8th edition   Fri Jul 06 2018, 19:53

I was thinking about tweaks and fun additions to our codex and really thought that we are missing a special character for Kabals. As such, the Duke has always struck me as an intruiging character that expands the fluff of the Dark Eldar to be more than just "drug-depraved punks with lots of edgy high-tech".

He is a renegade and as such really wouldn't join any of the 4 Kabals, which is why I also established his Sky Serpent's as a mini-faction.

Thematically his Corsairs are very close to Flayed Skull, while his personality and traits are better reflected by the Poisoned Tongue. As such, I thought it would be fun to see him as an exotic mix of both. After all, Corsairs were always about picking the best assets from various eldar factions.

Duke Sliscus - The Serpent (95 pts)
8" 2+ 2+ 3 3 5 5 10 4+

Weapons: Blast Pistol, The Serpent's Bite (poison 2+ weapon. All hits of 5+ are considered mortal wounds.
Special Rules: Combat Drugs, Shadow Field
 - Contraband: At the beginning of the game, select one <SKY-SERPENTS> unit. This unit gains +1 to wound on their poison weapons until the end of the game.
 - Warlord Trait: Towering Arrogance

 - The Serpent: If your army is battle-forged, all <SKY-SERPENTS> units in a Drukhari detachment gain the "Low Orbit Raid" Obsession.
 - Low Orbit Raid (Obsession): All units with <FLY> gain +3" movement. All poison weapons re-roll 1s to wound. All melee weapons re-roll 1s to hit.
 - Corsair Tactics: If Duke Sliscus is your Warlord you can access the Artefacts of Cruelties and Stratagems of the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue as well as those of the Kabal of the Flayed Skull.

Admittedly, the Sky Serpents could be fleshed out much more as their own faction that stands strong besides the 4 main ones in our codex. But since I only wanted another Special Character, I thought this would make him a more exotic and unique choice within our codex.

Any thoughts?

Discontinued: Dark Eldar 7th Codex Redux
A pragmatic custom codex for pragmatic realspace raiders.
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PostSubject: Re: Duku Sliscus in 8th edition   Fri Jul 06 2018, 20:40

I think it would be very cool to open up different Kabal Obsessions via Named Characters like this... that said, what do you think the Sky Serpents Obsession would look like if it wasn't straddling the Poisoned Tongue & Flayed Skull abilities?

Alternatively...what about giving Sliscus the keywords for both Poisoned Tongue and Flayed Skull and some verbiage that he enjoys the benefits of both Obsessions, Stratagems, Relics, etc. without making a Poisoned Tongue or Flayed Skull Detachment illegal (like a Mercenary with perks).

Additionally, the biggest perk of bringing Sliscus is nominating a <Kabal> unit before the start of the first turn and passing on the same benefits, so his Sky Serpents retinue, like him, re-rolls 1s to hit with Rapid Fire, re-rolls 1s to wound with Poisoned and in melee, and get to enjoy the same crossover perks.

It's a good upgrade that isn't busted and falls into line with all of the existing abilities in the Codex.

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PostSubject: Re: Duku Sliscus in 8th edition   Sat Jul 07 2018, 11:59

I think it would be much better to come up with new artifacts and stratagems, rather than relying on other Kabals.
And the Obsession (Low Orbit Raid) is too much. Its practically three Obsessions rolled into one.
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PostSubject: Re: Duku Sliscus in 8th edition   Wed Jul 18 2018, 01:00

Just make it worse and simpler: fly +3 movement, all poison and melee attacks reroll hits of 1.
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PostSubject: Re: Duku Sliscus in 8th edition   

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Duku Sliscus in 8th edition
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