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 Greetings my fellow kinsmen! Are we raiding tonight?!

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PostSubject: Greetings my fellow kinsmen! Are we raiding tonight?!   Fri Jun 22 2018, 12:46

Hello Dark City,

New member to the city and the ways of the Drukhari.

I have been playing 40k on and off for the last 10 years and began with Tau. Xenos style, long range shooting and love for the greater good, in this new (to me) grim dark galaxy drew me in instantly.
Next I dabbled in a Paladin army led by Lord Kaldor Drago. Death Stars and close combat, supported by powerful psy cannons.
But craving an army of speed I looked back to the Xenos and began army of Eldar Skatbikes. Ohhhh the tears I drank with that army. Looking for more of a unique list and succumbing to the temptation of chaos I built a horde of Tzeentch demos (before blue horrors and 8th happened). That is where I stopped my time with 40k and have recently sold most of my collection. Using the cash from my sale of previous armies, I have decided to begin, perhaps my final, 40K army.

This is why I have come to the Dark City.

I am looking to build a strong, all comers type list, that really captures the raiding party style of fear, speed and lethality. I have heard Drukari have a bit of a learning curve but once mastered are a formidable army, if played with finesse. Which I hope is true Very Happy

So I'm wanting to know of the most Dark Eldar ways to play Dark Eldar, in your eyes haha.

I am curious about how often you try to manipulate leadership on the table top. Is it one of those, go big or go home strats that doesn't always work? Or is it best used in more of a support strategy sense? Do you bother at all? haha.

Also I want to know if anyone has had any real success running the ATHLETIC AERIALISTS Stratagem? I love the idea of Wyches jumping out of a raider, destroying a tack squad and disappearing in the same turn. Any ideas to synergise this with something else? Is it worth the CPs when your just saving a 100pt unit?

Love the idea of Kabal, gangstas pirates in space, I mean, what more could you want!

Anyways! Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing of your battle stories and sharing some ideas.

For the greater good
Wage war on every species in the universe!
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Greetings my fellow kinsmen! Are we raiding tonight?!
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