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 Purchase advice

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Purchase advice   Mon Jun 04 2018, 23:57

Hope I'm in the right place for this.

I'm making a bit of money selling off my dark angels army and am torn on what to purchase with the money. I'm torn between buying the Voidraven bomber and a talos or just buying the tantalus.

The bomber and talos would allow me to run a flyer wing and a coven spearhead, however the tantalus has been on my list to buy for a while, and the money coming in would make it easy to manage the high cost.

Looking for advice on both of these options in terms of monetary worth and also the effectiveness of the models in combat

Edit to clarify:
Option A is buying both the Voidraven and a Talos
Option B is buying the Tantalus

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PostSubject: Re: Purchase advice   Tue Jun 05 2018, 01:28

Voidravens can be pretty potent on the table from what I've heard; there's a reason many people dread playing against them, so if you're going for effectiveness that's a good one. A nice looking model too!

The Talos is a fantastic model in my opinion, though I have a soft spot for the adorable creations of the Haemonculi. I would consider it well worth the ~46 dollar cost for the model alone, let alone the fact that you can use it on the table as well (the beauty of wargaming!)

The Tantalus I don't have much experience with seeing or hearing of it's effectiveness, but again it's a very nice model that would make a great centerpiece for your army. While 100 Euros seems fairly steep, again it's a sizable and detailed model, and of course made of resin, which always drives up the price. If you've been eyeing this one for a while now might be a good time to purchase, because as you said it's the most expensive of the three choices, and a time like now when you have some extra funds lying around is good opportunity. Sorry if I didn't give you as much advice on effectiveness as you may have wanted, I'm fairly new and I don't know a lot about how specific models are other than general knowledge relayed to me by others. Whichever you decide with is a good choice in my opinion. I'd encourage you to post a picture to the painting forum when you're done with them, I'd love to see it!

Best Wishes!
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PostSubject: Re: Purchase advice   Wed Jun 06 2018, 08:34

I purchased a Tantalus last year, and have yet to actually use it because it just costs so many points. It's 1/4 of your army, at best... and to make it worth it, you are generally cheesing it with the Coven sniping stratagem. I'd be more likely to use em if you could fire out of it if you fell back or whatnot....but I digress...

Voidravens are FUN. they are wonderfully modeled, and dropping bombs on 10 man squads and watching them melt is quite fun.

I love the Talos model as well, and now that you can give it a 4++, its pretty beefy on the tabletop. Though if your choice is 1 Talos, you might wanna look elsewhere....
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PostSubject: Re: Purchase advice   Tue Jun 12 2018, 05:51

The bomber and talos are more likely to see table time. I’ve had a tantalus for several years - it’s been on the table in maybe 3 games. I’ll use a talos nearly every game. The bomber I only bring out if I know my opponent is also fielding fliers.

Kabal of the Green Hair
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PostSubject: Re: Purchase advice   

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Purchase advice
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