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 2k Cult/Kabal Tournament LIst

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PostSubject: 2k Cult/Kabal Tournament LIst   Mon May 28 2018, 17:33

"Black Heart of Red Strife"?

I made a cult list that I think brings all the good of Wych Cults to the table and gives the support of Black Heart Ravagers/Cunning/Writ. It has a lot of CP, has CP generation but also relies on CP pretty heavy.

Cult of Strife Battalion-5CP
Lelith-80 (Blood Dancer)
Succubus w/Agon,Glaive-54 +2"MV
10x Wyches w/S&I,HG,HG,Agon-97 +1A
10x Wyches w/S&I,HG,HG,Agon-97 +1A
5x Wyches w/S&I, Agon-49 +1S

Red Grief Battalion-5CP
Succubus w/Blood Glaive,SP-50 +1A
Succubus w/Agon,Glaive-54 2"MV
5x Wyches w/S&I, Agon-49 +1A
5x Wyches w/S&I, Agon-49 +1A
5x Wyches w/S&I, Agon-49 +1WS
6x Reavers-114 +1T
6x Reavers-114 +1LD

Black Heart Spearhead-1CP
Archon w/Agon-74(Labryinthe Cunning, Writ of the Living Muse)
Ravager w/Dissx3-125
Ravager w/Dissx3-125
Ravager w/Dissx3-125
Raider w/DL-85
Raider w/DL-85
Raider w/DL-85
Raider w/DL-85
Venom w/SC,TSR-65
Razorwing w/DLx2 RWM-145
Razorwing w/DLx2 RWM-145

14 CP (12 after AoA and Prizes)

Drugs might get swapped around a little bit. I like having two T5 Reaver squads. This is probably the most min/max I can go with Cults that I can think of staying pure Drukhari. I think Black Heartmakes up for the shooting weakness of pure cult. Moving artifacts and warlord traits around with AoA/Gifts makes the HQs solid over taxes.
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2k Cult/Kabal Tournament LIst
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