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 Making Magic out of Green Stuff - literally

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Glass Battleaxe

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PostSubject: Making Magic out of Green Stuff - literally   Thu May 24 2018, 02:12

Hey everyone.

Now, I know this doesn't have anything to do with Drukhari - or Warhammer 40k for that matter - but this seems like the right place to ask. (Apologies if it's in the wrong section)

So, as part of the upcoming update for Age of Sigmar (I think), my local store are running a duel painting competition - the idea being that we take two hero models and create a scene with them battling each other. I already know what I want to do for my entry - a 'mage-fight' between a Dark Elf Sorceress and an Ogroid Thaumaturge - and I have a rough idea of the setting for it.

The thing I'm not sure how to approach though is the magic. I intend to have lightning shooting from the hand of the Dark Elf, and a fireball being prepared in the open hand of the Ogroid. However, I'm still new to green stuff, and I'm looking for some advice before I get stuck in.

Has anyone tried to make lightning - or something similar - with green stuff? I'm thinking maybe some sort of metal wire could be used as a base or something, but again, I'm open to suggestions. And are there any tips you can give when it comes to sculpting green stuff?
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PostSubject: Re: Making Magic out of Green Stuff - literally   Thu May 24 2018, 07:25

i would think fairly high gauge wire would be the best solution to do lightning,
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Making Magic out of Green Stuff - literally
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