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 Rule of 3 and Battalion Increase

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PostSubject: Rule of 3 and Battalion Increase   Thu May 17 2018, 01:38

I've been away from the hobby for the past few months and I'm just reading about the big faq and Rule of 3 and all that.... could someone clarify something for me in layspeak?

I am only allowed to have up to 3 detachments in a 2k army? Is that what I'm reading or am I misunderstanding something?

Is there some whispering of changing our Raiding Force rules to be in line with the CP bonus for Battalions ?
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PostSubject: Re: Rule of 3 and Battalion Increase   Thu May 17 2018, 03:52

The big FAQ updated the table for organised play.

A lot of players will use the organised play guidelines for all their games. If you don't then there are no such limitations on you.

Otherwise, most games fall into the 1001-2000 point range, so up to 3 Detachments, and probably more significantly, a limit of taking each datasheet up to 3 times (i.e. maximum of 3 Ravagers).

No special allowance for Raiding Forces - essentially they are an option for Narrative Play, but not a great option with the 3 Detachment limit. Battalions not give 5 Command Points, so even less incentive for Raiding Forces.

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Lord Asvaldir
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PostSubject: Re: Rule of 3 and Battalion Increase   Thu May 17 2018, 05:29

Key thing to remember here is the rule about taking 3 duplicates of one non-troop unit is a suggestion, not a rule written in stone. I suspect many tournaments will be adopting that rule, but if you're not a regular tournament player and you're more into just casual games than it's not a problem.

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PostSubject: Re: Rule of 3 and Battalion Increase   

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Rule of 3 and Battalion Increase
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