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 Tips For Beating Alpha Legion?

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PostSubject: Tips For Beating Alpha Legion?   Mon May 14 2018, 20:25

Does anyone have any tips for dealing with forward operatives from Alpha Legion with our army? 3x Berzerker squads to the face on turn has been hard to deal with. I'm thinking of putting my vehicles in a line so he can only hit one side amd accepting the fact that multiple vehicles are going to die. The problem is I don't think I then have to remove all of those squads in 1 turn, and next turn he deepstrikes oblits in and wrecks more vehicles. Seems really difficult to take the initiative from this army and control the pace of the game. Any tips?
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PostSubject: Re: Tips For Beating Alpha Legion?   Tue May 15 2018, 02:58

For me, this is where I use my wracks. I use them for screening, if needed, and against 3 units of Alpha Legion Berzerkers, you need it! Just keep in mind that they get to attack twice, that means that they get a 3" Consolidate move and another 3" pile in move, 2nd attack and then another 3" consolidate move. So you'll need to be at MINIMUM 7" behind the wracks to avoid that 2nd round of CC. At 7"-9" the Berzerkers will still be in range to consolidate into you to "tie you into CC"

If the deployment map prevents you from being 10" away, and forces you to get in the 7-9" range behind your wracks, then you have a couple of options:
1) Just make sure that the units have the fly keyword
2) Make sure that it is a unit of Grots or Blob of Wyches. If he consolidates into them, you get to attack, otherwise they will be hung out in the open to be shot up.

Also, they will very likely want to use the Fury of Khorne strat, so make sure to throw out AoV on that one.

After that, use your speed to get away. Oblits I wouldn't worry about as much. You'll need to weather a round of shooting from them, but that's usually doable. I usually use the Lightning Fast Reactions strategem when a key vehicle (Ravagers) are targeted by the Oblits. Keep the Ravagers alive and they will make short work of them in your next shooting phase. Even if your Ravagers get destroyed, blasters work in a pinch to take out or at least thin the Oblit numbers. You can also use the Torment Grenade strat to help you kill the unit if needed.

Everything else, you'll have the tools to deal with.

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PostSubject: Re: Tips For Beating Alpha Legion?   Tue May 15 2018, 13:29

Same as every other assault and deep strike army you face - you need screening and area denial. Whether that's specific screening units like Wracks, or just enough Venoms/Kabs that you don't care if a couple vehicles/squads die is up to you.

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PostSubject: Re: Tips For Beating Alpha Legion?   Tue May 15 2018, 18:01

Disembark from one of your raiders, and park it sideways in the front. It should be the only thing they can charge. Then shoot them.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips For Beating Alpha Legion?   Tue May 15 2018, 18:38

I only have one game in with them, but 100 points can get you a Beastmaster and three packs of Khymerae. It probably isn't the most efficient use of points, but you get a lot of board control. And it was sufficient for keeping the back field covered.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips For Beating Alpha Legion?   

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Tips For Beating Alpha Legion?
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