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 Insane combonations

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PostSubject: Insane combonations   Sun May 06 2018, 04:02

So I experimented with a combo for my succubus. A Strife Succubus with the Blood Dancer WL Trait, the Triptych Whip relic and +1 WS drug makes her into a murder machine. With the WS Drug hit rolls of 5 and 6 give 3 auto hits, and turn 3 onward, hit rolls of 4s,5s and 6s give her 3 auto hits. Thus, combined with the relic whip, her 8 attacks turn into..... way more attacks. For an especially large unit, throw down Hyperstimm Backlash and watch the carnage ensue. What are your thoughts? What are your insane combinations?
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PostSubject: Re: Insane combonations   Sun May 06 2018, 04:39

Sadly, the WS drug doesn't actually give +1 to hit. It just improves the WS of your succubus. With it, your succubus would now "hit" on a roll of 1, except that the rules explicitly say that a roll of 1 always fails. In any event, it's not generating any additional hits with the Blood Dancer warlord trait.

The Flensing Fury bonus of Power from Pain does work, though, since it explicitly gives a +1 to hit.
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Insane combonations
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