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 Combat Roster: First Impressions

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Roster: First Impressions   Wed May 02 2018, 11:31

from what i gather people dont really have any real problems with battlescribe. I mean "i cant copy paste" and "i dont like the layout" or "i have to delete a detachment if i dont have enough points to fill it" are not serious concerns for an app that lets you do so many things and save so much time from having to do it by yourself (not trying to offend anyone).
You guys know there is a smartphone app for battlescibe right? who doesnt own a smartphone these days? I actually build my lists at work..!
But yeah to each his own i guess just dont write something so helpful off becasue at first it seems like a pain to use, it actually isnt when you get the hang of it.
I can actually make any list in under 5 minutes
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PostSubject: Re: Combat Roster: First Impressions   Wed May 02 2018, 12:35

yeah battlescribe is great

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Roster: First Impressions   Wed May 02 2018, 14:01

@Imateria wrote:

You seem to have missed the point, GW have provided an app that nobody wanted or needed (seriously, how hard is it to add up PL?), yet not provided the app(s) that people actually want. For people actually looking to play games, Combat Roster has no value.

Umm GW has made a free tool for calculating power levels available for inexperienced, younger and casual players and announced that an app for list building with points for competitive players is underway. If there is a point to complaining about this, yeah I'm missing it.
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PostSubject: Re: Combat Roster: First Impressions   

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Combat Roster: First Impressions
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