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 What other race(s) do you play?

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: What other race(s) do you play?   Fri May 27 2011, 01:47

As stated, I play orks and soon VC
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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Fri May 27 2011, 03:50

They were my first army and I currently have about 1500-2000 points of them (albeit only about 1000 points of them are painted, and only about 1250 points of models I would actually use).

Dark Eldar were my second army, with about 750-1250 points, and none of them painted xD (waiting until after Finals to get the paints. Got to have priorities!).

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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Fri May 27 2011, 04:05

I play bugs and marines.

My bugs tend to be CC-horde in builds- I love my hormagaunts- where my marines are bikers/dreadnought spam. I also have a large mechanized contingent.

My DE favourites (not that anyone asked!) are Kabalite Trueborn, Scourges, Wracks and especially Incubi. Shame three of them are Elites choices...

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Fri May 27 2011, 05:59

Eldar - LOTS of them (including lots of FW stuff). But I've had enough of them, at least until the next codex comes around.
Blood Angels - About 4500 pts right now with lots of tanks, dreads and golden boys.
AdMech - My first serious army after playing 40k for a couple of years. All converted Witch Hunters army. These will get revisited some day, using the GK codex.

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Court of Cruelty

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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Fri May 27 2011, 08:28

I play Eldar and Chaos Space Marines (All right, play might be a strong word... I have Chaos Space Marines).

In WHFB I play Beastmen and Warriors of Chaos (Khorne) and I am working on a Skaven army.

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shamroll wrote:
Dang! I was hoping Tyranids followed the Pokemon naming idea. A big Carnifex running around just yelling "Carnifex! Carni-Carnifex!" followed by a squad of termagants all saying "Termagant" to each other.
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shadow hunter
Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Fri May 27 2011, 10:10

As I dont get to game very often - I've collected a lot of stuff over the years.

40K, BFG, Epic, Fantasy, Necromunda, LoTR and a little warmachine.

For 40K (all over 2000pts - some a lot more)
Eldar (my first army)
Dark Eldar
Imperial Guard
Space marines

Eldar were my first real army, and even with the older models packed away I have well over 7000pts

My Nids are in a bit of a state though - and I still haven't bought the new codex.

Not really a space marine fan - but witht he box sets etc (i wanted the Orks) I found I had a decent starting force so collected just a few more items I liked the look of (drop pods,razor backs, vindicator, land speeders) and I had a sizeable force.

Orks I love using as they are just fun. I just got sick of painting the troops.

I love thousand sons - and that was the drive behind getting chaos.

Imperial Guard got my interest one day - especially the commissars. with lots of leman russ

Tau looked smart when released - and I liked all the suits. However I find them dull to play.
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Fri May 27 2011, 11:11

I'm more of a collector than a player, but here goes (roughly) Razz

4-6k of Darkelves, my favourite
4-5k of Woodelves
4-5k of Lizzies
3-4k of Beasts, deamons, and generic
A warband of undead
An OnG warband

In 40k
3k of Bloodangels
3-4k of Orks
3-5k of Eldar
2k and growing rapidly of DarkEldar


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Sky Serpent
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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Fri May 27 2011, 21:19

I've dabbled in nearly every 40k army down the years, sold a lot of my stuff. If you were to say playable army, you could consider my Exodites just that.

I have a Cathay-Eshin themed Skaven force for WHFB.


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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Sat May 28 2011, 02:16

Orks - Wer no bangin rokkz togetha, me have know-wotz of Dakka!

I'm fully capable to field waves after waves of screaming "Shokk Orkz" armed to teath with primitive yet ridiculously funny weapons! All of my vehicles are scratchbuilds while most of "new" stuff (Lootas, viable Nobz and good shootaboyz, so about 90% of my stuff) is highly modified. I also have few "subpar" units (twin Weirdboyz, Stormboyz, Meganobz, Flash Gitz, Kannonz) which I actually use.

Actually, they should be called "Purple-Grey Knights" due to half silver, half purple paintjob (with racing stripes Razz). It's mech + "deathwing" with Demolisher Cannon love (PotMS+EA / Fast Vindicators... they assault people). ALL stuff is resin (GW may be pissed Surprised), about... 3000-4500, depending on wargear (I guess my tanks could be called magneto gliders).

Sadly, I played one or two combat patrol games with (old) DE and... nothing more (making resin stuff :3 ).

I also had Nid, Necron and Tau forces (small) at some point but I just couldn't feel fluffless bugs, fluffless robots and truly-sci fi aliens in "Fantasy 40k".
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Archon Farath Mure
Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Sat May 28 2011, 06:05

In fantasy, I play O&G. Otherwise, this is it.
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Rumour Scourge

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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Sat May 28 2011, 07:40

'Nids and Orkz. Xenos rule!
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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Sun May 29 2011, 23:04

Iron warriors, World Eaters, and A 2000 pt force of traitor guard using the forgeworld renegade models and kitbashes of the catachans and the old beastmen box.
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Mon May 30 2011, 01:39

I've had DE, Necron, and Space Wolf armies (all sold years ago). Now I just have my revamped DE and a 3k+ Sisters army.
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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Mon May 30 2011, 02:33

Space Marines - Raven Guard
Dark Elves - House Vendalas (DIY Noble House)
Empire - Grand Army of Nordland
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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Mon May 30 2011, 21:35

Kabal of the Black Heart
Tau'n (see forgeworld's first XV9)
I'd like Slaaneshi daemons and Sororitas-Guard, but I'll be working on what I've started for a long time to come.

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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Tue May 31 2011, 00:00

Orks were my first foray into 40k, followed by Space Marines before finally getting my dark warhost assembled.

I've yet to start a WFB army, but would like to do Warriors of Chaos with a pure Tzeentch list.
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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Tue May 31 2011, 08:41

Started off with Orks, played for about 2 years with them didnt do very well, down to me beeing around the age of 13-14 and just not thinking about tacctics at all. and those I was playing the most was 20+++ and had played for many years.

After two years of them I sold them and bought Tyranids. Played them for a while, but just didnt find the fun in them, but did alot better with Tyranids than Orks.

But a friend quit and offered me to buy his DE, this was like 9 years back. And here I am, not played any other race since (most due to a long break aswell). But wont start a new team. I will collect my Kabal (that is finished now, got 2500pts and all I need). And will collect Coven and Wych cult after everything in my kabal is painted.

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Tue May 31 2011, 17:17

I have been into warhammer since i was a kid. Started fantasy in 2nd ed and remember the excitemnt at school when th RT book was published.

I started out with Dark Elves in fantasy and Eldar in 40k had a nice collection of models which got lost/stoln during my 'wild years' I completely missed 2nd and 3rd ed 40k and start up again just before 4th ed came out.

I now have:

6+k dark elves without characters.
4k daemons
3k brets
4k lizzies

I'm off fantasy at the moment. Not a big fan of 8th ed.

For 40k i have

6+k eldar plus some forgeworld stuff
probably 3.5k dark eldar with another 1.5k in the works.

The dark eldar stuff is so awesome that I feel the need to collect all of it and build as many different lists as possible. My wallet hates me Sad
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Baron Tordeck
The Helfather

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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Tue May 31 2011, 22:46

I started in 2004 with Chaos, built up to a grand total of about 5k by the time the Gav Thorpe monstrosity was released, at which point I stopped playing for a couple years. Picked up a 1750 SM army that I converte out of DA and BT for a DIY chapter during my break in play and used them until the new DE codex came out. They had been my 2nd army for awhile and just had never gotten around to getting them finished. New book and new models were the perfect excuse to get them going again.

Over the years I also collected an Ork KT (under 4th ed and the previous Ork dex), 3.5k of Chaos BFG, 1250 DE BFG (converted from old range reavers) 1000 SM BFG.

I also started Fantasy with 8th ed so I now have ~5k of Skaven (didnt know when I started them that they would be so good with the new ed when i decided on them lol) and an unknown amount of Wood Elves that I am working on for my wife.


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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Wed Jun 01 2011, 20:01

I've sold off a lot of my stuff recently, but I still have a few sizeable armies.

Dark Elves. Probably about 5k-6k painted with maybe another 1k unpainted. Played them throughout 6th, 7th and 8th. Maybe do a tourney once a year.

Skaven. About 2.5k painted, about 2k unpainted.

Grey Knights. About 2k, all unpainted. I just wanted a 'good guy' army also, and I got them cheap from a friend. Only played one game with them... very different from Dark Eldar, hah.
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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Thu Jun 02 2011, 00:28

I've played Emperors Children ever since 3.5. 4.0 killed my enthusiasm so I haven't done much with it for a while.

Wrote this background article on the Slaanesh Wiki ages ago: http://emperorschildren.net/wiki/index.php?title=Great_Company:14:Helfaisch


You can see the models in the Distractions sub-forum....

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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Sat Jun 04 2011, 04:46

I have played 40k for about 10 years now. Played LOTR at school and that turned out to be the gateway drug. I still remember opening that box of 3rd Ed minis and pushing the DE to the side so I could start making space marines. Then I read the Dark Eldar codex at my local hobby store and was really impressed. DE became my second army after my Blood Angels. Since then I have dabbled in many 40k armies and own decent sized dark elf army (which I am going to try and sell)Now days I just play DE, BA, and nids. Last years was a good year for me as GW re released the books for all the armies I play.
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Torpedo Vegas
Resident Shadowseer
Resident Shadowseer

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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Sat Jun 04 2011, 06:03

All the other races are only suitable for slavery.

Know that that is out of the way, I used to play Black Templars and Imperial Guard. Might start Craftworld Eldar in the future.

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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Sat Jun 04 2011, 14:19

I play Templar and Choas Daemons mostly but Dark eldar been my favorite since 3rd edition.
I also have several armies I did over the years but thats a whole other question. I started with Dark Angels and have all 3 wings but got disallusion with theym when they became the testing ground for the development of the Space marines.

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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   Mon Jun 06 2011, 00:52

From the beginning I modelled a variety of flavours of guard. Having a soft spot for footsloggers my armies were unweildy things to convert en masse and frustrating to play (yes 3rd ed I hated you and sweeping advances). I still attempt to paint and model themed guard forces but usually drop them when I get bored with painting the same scheme too many times. I also have a weakness for lackluster units. It doesn't matter how much I want roughriders to be a viable selection conversions regardless of effort or result do not make it so. Crying or Very sad

The longest PLAYING army I had were Night Lord chaos marines. I was drawn to them by the old index astartes articles and modelled, painted and occaisionally played them for years. The Pete Haines codex made for cool list built around chaos marine vets without any clown units (cult,possessed,whatever). My guys were embittered war vets betrayed by the inperium and I liked them that way. The Thorpe/Cavatore dex rolled in and my infantry list got stronger (at the time a stock csm was the best loadout/stat to point bargain in the game) but they stripped the soul out of my legion and made it feel boring. I could have added some clown units but they were silly and didn't fit my story. I retired the army. On a positive note Dembski-Bowden recently wrote some great stories about the night lords that captured the feel of of the legion. Hopefully this vision will influence future codex depictions.

That brings us to a mobility/schwerpunkt experiment I did with stock marines. I built a white scars successor called the stormbirds. I took elements from dune fremen and muslim culture to build a futuristic saracen survivalist chapter. High scout presence with bikes and speeders. Running tac squads in the mix lead me to determine weaknesses in the plan. The bottom line was the army couldn't redeploy and attack in cohesion. Rhinos carriers "stuttered" behind other elements and slowed the army down.......

As I was looking over the time I'd wasted experimenting with mobility and marines. Rumour mills were churning on the dark eldar getting a complete overhaul. I was interested because the dark eldar had historically been a fast army that could probably implement what I wanted to acheive with an army build. About a year later the pics for wave 1 dropped and I knew it was the army I had to build. Best looking army I have seen to date. I'd have bought the models just to paint and build them. With the tactical possibilties I may try to play some games.

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PostSubject: Re: What other race(s) do you play?   

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What other race(s) do you play?
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