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 Best Codex Moments

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PostSubject: Re: Best Codex Moments   Mon May 14 2018, 17:22

it seems like it has worn out
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PostSubject: Re: Best Codex Moments   Wed May 16 2018, 17:06

My first game with the codex was against Grey Knights, literally right after I was given it as a gift.

He split his army in half, a dreadnought and a couple of boots on the ground in his half and the other with a dreadknight and all of his good stuff.

He cowered in our particularly large cover, but it didn't help as most of my units were kabal of the Flayed Skull in transports and the others were Asuryani Rangers and a farseer. The dreanought died turn 1 and I killed most of his ground troops. Then, the interceptors re-deep-struck and the rest of his army appeared behind me. My splinter re-rolls were handy at wiping out his infantry and the increased speed also allowed all of my vehicles to run to safer covers with objectives.

Overall, Grey Knights are terrible and we won

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PostSubject: Re: Best Codex Moments   Thu May 17 2018, 08:59

Had another nice moment against IG.

2 Talos' (Taloi???) walking up the board with a haemi behind them. Two Leman Russ shot everything they had on them. Also a plasma squad. The Taloi took only 6 wounds, so one was down to 1 wound. In an attempt to finish them off he charged with his squad of 3 bullgryn. He forgot that my hamei was wearing a vexator mask and my taloi and haemi (heroic intervention) shredded the bullgryn squad before they could make a single attack. In my next movement phase I healed 3 wounds of the talos unit. The next round again 2 Leman Russ shot everything they had on the taloi, just to kill one of them.

While a big part of his firepower was directed towards the very tanky and lucky prophets of flesh taloi, the rest of my army stayed relatively unharmed and was tearing apart everything they encountered. His army was totally wiped out after battle round 4.
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PostSubject: Re: Best Codex Moments   

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Best Codex Moments
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