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 Tantalus thoughts

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Tantalus thoughts   Thu Apr 12 2018, 20:01

So what are your thoughts on the tantalus post codex? how is everyone using it (except this ridiculous snipe thing that can get you banned from your gaming group ^_^) ?

For me i used it in two games as follows:
a strife wych detachment, using screaming jets to deepstrike it (also keeps it safe from alpha strike) in the enemies soft spot. Think about it you deep strike a whole detachment since the passengers dont cost more...!
Inside are 10 wyches, 5 blaster scourges and a succubus with triptych whip. After deep strike i shoot and make sure it kills at least one unit. Then with the strife stratagem i shoot again. Yes the stratagem is costly but being able to shoot those sweet 12 shots two times is amazing and usually worth the cost (even more with an archon with labyrinthe cunning).
After shooting you can charge with it if you need to. The enemy has to divert most if not all of his resources to deal with it and even if he does he will have the wyches, scourges and succubus inside his zone after that...

Im not sure those 400 points are worth it since we got so many options now but i love the terror that thing brings to the table
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PostSubject: Re: Tantalus thoughts   Thu Apr 12 2018, 20:50

I think Tantalus is slightly overcosted at the moment, yet it is a very versatile centrepiece unit. It is tough, fast, has got excellent shooting and good CC and can transport a few units... It can certainly play an important role in a well-rounded army list.

Haven't used my post-Codex yet, although I do plan to run it in a Cult of Red Grief detachment together with a dozen Reavers and a Blood Glaive Succubus on board. Turn 1, it moves 16", Advances further 16" and then makes a re-rollable charge... Yikes Twisted Evil Pretty sure it will draw attention away from my primary Black Heart detachment this way.
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PostSubject: Re: Tantalus thoughts   Thu Apr 12 2018, 20:56

Two red grief tantatlus(i?) filled with grotesques.
move 16. Advance 32. Make what, a 2" multi charge for the sweet mortal wounds.


so expect it to be FAQ'd asap.

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Lord Xelian
Lord Xelian

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PostSubject: Re: Tantalus thoughts   Thu Apr 12 2018, 20:59

i have tantalus and i played it a lot of times recently and my opinion is that is overcosted. he is funny and good looking but not competitive.
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PostSubject: Re: Tantalus thoughts   Thu Apr 12 2018, 21:43

The old 350 point cost was better, but it’s still a good boat. We will see if GW smacks it to prevent character assassinations or the aforementioned 32” charge.

Also, I really don’t like the idea of putting scourges or hellions in there. Yeah, it’s technically legal, but it’s pretty obvious across the game that jump and jet infantry shouldn’t be transportable except in specifically stated circumstances.
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PostSubject: Re: Tantalus thoughts   

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Tantalus thoughts
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