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 New player - list ideas?

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PostSubject: New player - list ideas?   Thu Apr 12 2018, 06:43

Hey guys, just bought in to Drukhari, and very excited. I'm looking to make a 1000 point list to play my friend and learn the rules. What I have is the following:

Kabalite Warriors 20
Razorwing Jetfighter 2
Wyches 35
Reavers 12
Wracks 15
Venom 6
Ravager 2
Raider 2
Voidraven bomber 1
Urien Rakarth

I have the new codex, and have been reading it through. I think with the lot I purchased I would have luck with some sort of Wytches build, and have some bits to convert a Wytch into a Succubus probably. Just looking for a starting point. I've heard out army isn't very new player friendly, and just want to make sure I'm maximizing what I have. I don't mind buying a few things to complete a build.

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PostSubject: Re: New player - list ideas?   Thu Apr 12 2018, 06:49

You need and want a succubus for your Wyches, you do have a lot of them so you can amke a good list with them with some Reavers and Flyers.

Honestly... you most likely will need 2 Succubi, you can use 2 Wyches for now, but they are needed for sure.

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PostSubject: Re: New player - list ideas?   Thu Apr 12 2018, 07:05

With that amount of models off the bat, just build and play, you will discover what you like. Most options are pretty competitive now, and you will get the hang of general army tactics after a few games.

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PostSubject: Re: New player - list ideas?   

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New player - list ideas?
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