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 Flayed Skull Open Topped

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PostSubject: Flayed Skull Open Topped   Wed Apr 11 2018, 15:40

The open toppped rule states: "[...] When they do so, any restrictions or modifiers that apply to this model also aply to its passengers [...]"

The Kabal of the flayed skull has a stratagem that ads +1 to hit rolls against targets that can fly

Step 1: Use the Stratagem on the Dissie Raider
Step 2: The passengers (2 blasters and a dark lance) also benefit from this
Step 3: ??
Step 4: Profit!

or am I missing something?
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Lord Asvaldir
Lord Asvaldir

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PostSubject: Re: Flayed Skull Open Topped   Wed Apr 11 2018, 17:01

Yeah I think as written you're write about that, actually pretty sweet for raiders and passengers to deal with fliers, or just any sort of jump infantry/jetbikes.

The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors...
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Flayed Skull Open Topped
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