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 Kabal of the shattered mask + friends

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PostSubject: Kabal of the shattered mask + friends   Tue Apr 10 2018, 23:16

Heyo! So recently my love for the dark eldar has been reinvigorated causing me to take up knife and paintbrush in attempt to properly build myself up a worthy force! And what better way to start than with a new archon conversion to act as my main warlord?

As can be seen she's very green! I decided to disembark heavily from my old primarily black colour schemes for this new kabal and have fun with a colour I've wanted to use for a while (death guard green)

I'm quite happy with the little soultrap energies leaking out from her fist and the pattern on her scarf.

It's a strong start for the kabal and hopefully I'll get more boys and girls painted up for her to command! (Once she's finished of course)

Though to add some variation I also have my succubus formmy currently unnamed witch cult and once again gone for a bright scheme here.

I'm quite happy with how her schemes turned out. I shall attempt to get more painted up and put on here along with getting some haemonculi cult conversions done and getting a force ready with my old colour scheme too (black with yellow edges) for acting as a second kabal patrol detachment. I'm going to have good fun representing the different raiding forces Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Kabal of the shattered mask + friends   Wed Apr 11 2018, 10:57


Looks pretty decent so far.
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Kabal of the shattered mask + friends
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