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 The Medusae Bomb

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PostSubject: Re: The Medusae Bomb   Mon Apr 09 2018, 21:25

i had an idea about the big raiding force:
lelith and some wyches in transport
one succubus with a lot of reaver and hellions and 5 wyches one raider
[one succubs with bp with 10 wyches] x4
turn one lelith and the 5 succubi with 5 wchyes deepstrike in a raider, fire and fade, rest of the army advances and so on
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PostSubject: Re: The Medusae Bomb   Mon Apr 09 2018, 22:00

@DingWop wrote:
This post makes me want to put blast pistols on everything in the command raider.  

x2  Archon blast pistol x2
x1  Succubus blast pistol
x5  Kab squad blaster/blast pistol
x2  Open spots for Medusae/sslyth/kablites

The 2 Medusae seem the best in this setup of the three choices.  I have the sslyth models that have been waiting to see play but at 27pts I'm still not sure the Sslyth are a strong choice.

The fire and fade use here really opens up using blast pistols on the melee HQs for me.  Not only do you get to guarantee the use of pistols first turn, you also can use them while locked in combat later rounds where the blaster might be unusable.  
Then the opponent surrounds your raider and watches everyone inside die a horrible death when he wrecks it lol.
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PostSubject: Re: The Medusae Bomb   Mon Apr 09 2018, 23:11

It's also 2CP for that gimmick. Keep in mind what you're sending into the enemy backfield is a lone raider.
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PostSubject: Re: The Medusae Bomb   Mon Apr 09 2018, 23:34

My current list in progress has a two raiders intended to deepstrike (one with three of my HQs, second with kabs x10), heywire scourge and mandrakes as the forward force. Would try to bite off an exposed side/back without putting the raiders at risk of being surrounded. From someone that's played more games is that a realistic plan?

My back field would be 4 blackheart ravagers with warlord re-rolling hits and wounds, 4 flayed skull venoms with kabs and blaster, and some red grief reavers set up as screens that would rush in to tie up shooty stuff.
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PostSubject: Re: The Medusae Bomb   Tue Apr 10 2018, 00:18

@amishprn86 wrote:
@Tzelok wrote:
@amishprn86 wrote:
@Tzelok wrote:
@Mppqlmd wrote:
@Stea1k wrote:
Want to make it more fun? 15 scourges inside the tantalus with 12 heatlances now all within half-distance for that reroll.

You can't deepstrike within 9". You have to be at 9.0001 inche, and sadly, that's not within melta range.

This is correct, but you can deepstrike then fire & fade to move 7 inches closer.

In fact I think it's best to deploy 13" away to avoid any strats where deepstrikers can get shot at, then use fire and fade to close the distance to 6".

Its after you shoot tho

I'll have to check my book when I'm home (just at work) but I believe it's after you shoot, not at the end of the shooting phase - so if you shoot with the raider/venom/tantalus my understanding is that you can use fire & fade to move the transport, then you can continue shooting with the guys inside.

Please correct me if i'm wrong but i'll confirm the wording when I get home.

Yes you are correct, i didnt think about he vehicle shooting 1st. Nice catch

Woohooo! I totally thought it was my sleep deprivation coming through, glad I wasn't crazy! I used 2 venoms full of Medusae to great effect with the index, sticking them all in a raider now seems like a possibility.

Of course this wouldn't work great vs say a well bubblewrapped guard castle gunline, but that's the beauty of the strategem (screaming jets) if you don't need it you don't use it!

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PostSubject: Re: The Medusae Bomb   

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The Medusae Bomb
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