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 Blaster AS Weapon Option

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PostSubject: Blaster AS Weapon Option   Sat Apr 07 2018, 19:35

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the stupid Question...i plan a 2k points army an das a Battle Report (Flesheater vs Dark Eldar) with the new Codex Rules. There was a 3 Patrol Detachment Army 2 Kabalite (Skull) and 1 Cult Detachement.
I mean the Sybarites in the Kabal Detachments where equipped with a Blaster...
I tried to rebuild the Army via BattleScribe but there is nocl weapon Option for Blasters in Sybarites?!?!?

Ist there a Special Rule somewhere which i dont know?

Sorry dumb Question...
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PostSubject: Re: Blaster AS Weapon Option   Sat Apr 07 2018, 20:32

1/ You are likely using an outdated or not quite correct army list for Drukhari, considering the new book was released today.
2/ As per the new COdex, the Sybarite can have a BLast Pistol, but NOT a Blaster. The entry clearly says only a Kabalite Warrior can have a Blaster, and they distinguish between Warrior and Sybarite. It could be the list you saw had a Blast Pistol, or was wrong, or was illegal.
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PostSubject: Re: Blaster AS Weapon Option   Tue Apr 10 2018, 17:55

Also look at the reavers entry, there are just "models" mentioned, which means you can give the arena champion a blaster, grav talons and an agonizer and have the others as meat shield. That is a viable option in this edition, because YOU choose  which models die, and no more weapon snipers out there.

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PostSubject: Re: Blaster AS Weapon Option   

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Blaster AS Weapon Option
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