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 Necrons and Sisters

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Incubi Death

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PostSubject: Re: Necrons and Sisters   Wed Aug 10 2011, 20:45

Ariensis wrote:
I'm not too interested in the Necrons although I've considered using the Necron Lord and Resurrection Orb for bits to convert my Archon. (I need a replacement hand and the Orb would make a good soul trap)

I was thinking of using the lord's res orb for my conversion of vect and using them as his orb thing (can't remember their name at the moment).
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PostSubject: Re: Necrons and Sisters   Wed Aug 10 2011, 23:37

I realy want a new necron codex though I read a something about we will be back being replaced by feel no pain and that would be...
hmm hard to say without extensive swearing XD
I mean it gives that enoying edge. 5 down 4 come back XD always get that. It is something psychologicly Razz.
Ow and I also read something about a necron tank, it would be included in the current codex but it was replaced by the monolith.

But I read a lot so there is a good chance it's just rumours

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PostSubject: Re: Necrons and Sisters   Wed Aug 17 2011, 15:39

So, they released the Sisters' interim codex in White Dwarf - across 2 issues.

Everyone else gives their catalog away free. (It's a magazine!) What's that Jervis? (M-A-G-A-Z-I-N-E!) I see, so it has useful articles in it, then? Like painting information that was left out of How to Paint: Citadel Miniatures, or extra fluff left out of the codices, and battle reports with illegal armies and rules violation? Nice catalog.

Anyway, Cruddace is writing it. I've had people give me really nice explanations of how Guard aren't overpowered, just well written. So, let's assume it's perfect.

New Tyranids isn't. Sorry.

Now, maybe Sisters will turn out like Guard. Maybe he was under a TON of pressure to sell Trygon kits and not remake Nidzilla. It's not like GW higher-ups aren't totally schizo anyway? What was really wrong with the Tyranid book was threefold:

Doesn't scale well.
Bad internal balance. (you want AT? guess what your elites are! No, guess!)
Few frag grenades on a primarily assault-oriented army

So, looking at the new sisters book so far, what do we see?
Doesn't scale well.
Bad internal balance.
We'll find out about frags next episode... But sisters are shooty anyway, so who cares?

Oh well, now the nids have friends? I now pronounce you Tentacle and Wife of Battle. You may kiss the incubator. *broken glass, bloodcurdling screams*
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PostSubject: Re: Necrons and Sisters   Tue Nov 08 2011, 07:36

Ok given that I wasn't sure where to really post this and this isn't too far down to really be a necro...

After reading the lore for the 'crons in their new dex... they seem a lot more... Dark Eldary than before <_< like... a lot more. They are more "honorable" but the idea is pretty much the same... Houses vying for control, one stronger house. The phaeron being super individualistic, and the flayed ones being turbo insane. Now while I miss the old "enigmatic super robots" this "Stargate" version isn't so bad lorewise. Not to mention their turbo emo leader in self imposed exile.
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PostSubject: Re: Necrons and Sisters   

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Necrons and Sisters
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