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 Math hammer calculator with graphs v2.0 Beta

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PostSubject: Math hammer calculator with graphs v2.0 Beta   Tue Apr 03 2018, 16:08

EDIT: This has been superceded, here

As soon as the codex drops I'm going to update the calculator with all the new stats, (this version hasn't been updated yet as I don't want to do it without a hard copy in my hands).


This is a beta version of the calculator with a new graphing functionality that shows you what the probablility of different levels of damage from different weapons and whole squads.  

And it even has graphs of that damage!

It took a long time to come up with a system for this that could work in excel, and then a while to graph it properly, but I'd really like some feedback from the community on the usability of the graphs and if there is some other elements that would be helpful as well as any bugs in it prior to its full release come codex release!

So without further ado here is the link
Mathhammer Calculator v1.4.4

(mods, i'm creating a separate thread for the beta so as not to clog the stickied thread with unnecessary posts)

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PostSubject: Re: Math hammer calculator with graphs v2.0 Beta   Tue Apr 03 2018, 16:10

Thank you! Stickied - Count Adhemar


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Math hammer calculator with graphs v2.0 Beta
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