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 Paralells between Roman gladiators and Wyches?

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Kihrezae Morvishk
Kihrezae Morvishk

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PostSubject: Paralells between Roman gladiators and Wyches?   Thu Mar 29 2018, 16:42

I've been doing some reading into the way gladiators were treated in the wider society of Rome, and found some interesting stuff in relation to their social status. The more successful ones often ended up quite wealthy and famous, and were even regarded as sex symbols in the more elite echelons of Roman society. Turns out they were quite popular to sleep with.

Now, I know that the Wych Cults of Commorragh operate very differently from Roman gladiators, for one thing Wyches aren't slaves, and mortality rates are much greater.
But are there any paralles between the two? Would it be a show of status to sleep with an esteemed Succubus or Hekatrix? Would some Wyches want to leave the fight pits (the equivelant of a gladiator buying his freedom) in order to ply their skills elsewhere?
And if one did end up rising to the status of Scourge or Archon, how would they be seen in the eyes of their former Cult?

Let's discuss!

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PostSubject: Re: Paralells between Roman gladiators and Wyches?   Thu Mar 29 2018, 20:44

The whole "shardnet" is a clear reference to the Retiarius.

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Paralells between Roman gladiators and Wyches?
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