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 Which kabal is your fav

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PostSubject: Re: Which kabal is your fav   Wed Mar 28 2018, 10:37

I´ss probably stick with FS because of fluff reasons. My guys are webway based and favour transports. I like that. That said PT is great too. Against death guard I needed some melee and rerolling that would´ve been great and I would buy a huge bucket of Sslyths and Lhameaens or OR for the Ravagers...
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PostSubject: Re: Which kabal is your fav   Wed Mar 28 2018, 10:40

@SERAFF wrote:
Why did you decide that you will be able to reroll charges for your Raiders?
It is also unclear, how many Raiders we can set up in reserve. It is said only about 1 vehicle. Is it legit to apply the same stratagem several times during deployment? If so why there is such strict conditions in the Webway portal stratagem?

You are right. Raiders do not have power from pain! That is huge. What was I thinking? I must have been drunk on all this power. drunken
I'm pretty sure you get to use screaming jets as many times as you want, since it is used before the game.

Since they say :  We’d recommend deploying as much of your army as possible in reserve on Raiders, deploying them with Screaming Jets... <- plural

@Count Adhemar wrote:
@Scrz wrote:
The units embarked probably does not even have to be Black Heart.
If they are allowed to embark on kabal transports you get the benefit of having your grotesque and wych laden raiders be "safe" in close combat on the other side of the board turn one, as long as the raider gets the bonus.

I wouldn't bet the farm on being able to embark non Black Heart units in Black Heart transports. Craftworlds, CSM and Marines all limit transports to CRAFTWORLD/CHAPTER/LEGION respectively so I would not be surprised to see ours limited to KABAL/CULT/COVEN.

Yeah it seems to be the way they are going with transports. Unless Vect figures out a way to circumvent the rules, his taxi service might be grounded before it even has a change to take off. Still, Sslyth might work instead of grots. And to be honest, I hope wyches get a more cinematic way to deploy in the opponents face than this.

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PostSubject: Re: Which kabal is your fav   Wed Mar 28 2018, 10:43

I would really dislike it if I cannot have a unit of wyches and a few kabalites together in a raider. And I would hate it if they even take the option to have an archon join his incubi bodyguard in a raider because they have different keywords...
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Dark Elf Dave
Dark Elf Dave

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PostSubject: Re: Which kabal is your fav   Wed Mar 28 2018, 11:00

Creeping Darkness makes a good point about comparing re-roll 1's to hit and re-roll 1's to wound.

You lose the re-roll 1's to hit once disembarked. It is worth noting because it means that as soon as you drop your troops off or as soon as your transport is destroyed the Flayed Skull benefit has been lost...unless you pick them up again in another transport.

It may be a minor thing but important for making comparisons.

I have been going over the Kabal obsessions and I am starting to think that I might actually use black heart just to get the CP rolls. I have a feeling that there will be obsessions for Cult and Coven that will be more offensive driven meaning my Kabal will more likely be used tactically than offensively. The extra CP could come in handy.

Otherwise the OR with extra range would also be very useful if I intend to use a small size Kabal for back board control.

So many options and how to play and we only have the first 4 of 12 obsessions!
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PostSubject: Re: Which kabal is your fav   

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Which kabal is your fav
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