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 Raiding party

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Raiding party   Mon Mar 26 2018, 20:40

So i thought my all purple army was getting boring:

So i decided to go with a more mixed army, thinking back on my old bretonnia days:

and after some stencils from Fallout Hobbies:

First time i used stenciles so i think it worked out fine, doing some brush work now and later some weathering. I realise not all of the colours work all that great but we cant have everything now can we Smile

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Lord Asvaldir

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PostSubject: Re: Raiding party   Mon Mar 26 2018, 23:16

Personally I don't think having an army that covers all spectrums of the rainbow would look like a united army on the tabletop, I'd much rather stick to say a basis of 2-3 colors but I must say your venoms look very nice. The stencils look really good.

The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors...
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PostSubject: Re: Raiding party   Tue Mar 27 2018, 05:00

I can’t stand having an army that’s the same color scheme throughout.  

Each one of my squads have their own feel however I do have a bit of green on each model to help tie them all together.  

I also got some of those fallout stencils.  So far the only ones I’ve used are the dragon scales on my bomber.  I really like how they turned out on your venoms. I still have to finish up a couple reapers so I may try those on them.

Oh, and that pink rocks.

Kabal of the Green Hair
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PostSubject: Re: Raiding party   Tue Mar 27 2018, 12:38

Once they are based it’ll help tie them together well. I’d suggest turning that little bit of green into an alliance symbol. Then they can all share one thing at least

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PostSubject: Re: Raiding party   

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Raiding party
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