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 Are any of you still doing well with Dark Eldar?

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PostSubject: Re: Are any of you still doing well with Dark Eldar?   Fri Mar 23 2018, 04:20

Quote :
I do have a ton of Wych and Coven models in waiting though. I keep buying Pain Engines despite them being so lackluster. I just love them... I love them all.

I'm expecting Talosi/Cronos' to get some good buffs come the 'Dex drop (f'real though, NOBODY uses them atm otherwise) - Maybe some actual AP for a change? Definitely they'll have some srategems at least, I assume. Their buffs aren't even bad and the stats are mostly serviceable - they're just so lackluster once you figure in the cost and speed differences... a Webway strategem specifically for them could be sick however.

I'm on the same boat when it comes to collecting though - I own about 90% of the models in the Drukhari range and am slowly but surely getting the rest (Clawed Fiends are ridiculously expensive for what you get sadly - same for pretty much all of the beasts). Idc if they're "optimal" or not, they just look SO good and are super fun when you're playing a fluffy game or vs someone who is new

The Kabal list is sadly generic, most of them are extremely similar (3x Ravager, MSU Kabalites w/Blasters, Razorwing Jets, etc). That said, they're my favorite faction anyways - well, ok, Haemies have really good fluff but still - and their units are MEAN and DEADLY. People are slowly coming around that my DL's will chew up their transports like it's nobodies bidness haha. I love making them footslog while I zoom around and kite them lol

But yeah, they're not *horrible* by any stretch, and probably the strongest they've ever been since around 3rd Ed. I love them fully.

Keep at it bruddha! Seeya when the Codex drops Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Are any of you still doing well with Dark Eldar?   Sun Mar 25 2018, 18:48

I played against the new Tau codex today with primarily Drukhari and a small Harlequins patrol detachment. He rolled the Recon mission from Chapter Approved (armies arrive in three phases). It was a very challenging match that ended after turn 6.

Despite me forgetting to shoot with my Mandrakes on the turn they arrived and then them being blown away without doing anything, my Voidraven being destroyed on his first turn before it could even unload its bomb, my Skyweavers whiffing a 7" charge despite a CP re-roll and getting destroyed next turn, I managed to win 18 points to 12.

Riptides are good. The Skyray was also surprisingly good. All those seeker missiles work wonders with marker light support to have them hitting on BS rather than 6s.

Hopefully with the new codex in a couple of weeks I should be able to do even better.

I danced with Fate, she said it could go either way.
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Are any of you still doing well with Dark Eldar?
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