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 Kabalite Trueborn Kill Team for Shadow War: Armageddon

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PostSubject: Kabalite Trueborn Kill Team for Shadow War: Armageddon   Tue Mar 13 2018, 11:46

Following on from my ideas for Eldar Corsairs and Craftworld Eldar, here's my idea for another Dark Eldar kill team option for Shadow War: Armageddon, Kabbalite Trueborn.

First, here are the rules:

I've made this as true to the 7th edition codex as possible, including Power from Pain as the kill team's defining rule, to make what I hope is the quintessential Dark Eldar kill team. Not all Dark Eldar players have wyches, so this kill team provides the basic alternative that fits within the schema of Shadow War: Armageddon kill teams (i.e., jump infantry are confined to special operatives roles, and no bikes are allowed). The weapons and equipment go without saying (I hope). I'm not sure that I've necessarily translated the rules perfectly, so I'd definitely appreciate some help there. I've highlighted the points values on the weapons and equipment chart. Anything in green already has an established points value in Shadow War: Armageddon, so these don't need to be adjusted (rather, if they do need to be adjusted, that's a larger issue than this kill team's rules). Anything in blue uses the same points value that I've used elsewhere (most likely in my Eldar Corsairs Kill Team rules, see the link in my signature). These points values are up for debate and, if it is determined that their costs need to be adjusted, they will be adjusted in all of the kill team lists I've created. Anything in yellow is new to this kill team, so changes won't cascade. These are definitely values that need to be evaluated for balance.

I started the skills chart identical to the Wych Cult, but shifted things around to reflect that Kabalite Trueborn aren't stabby (like the Wyches), but are instead shooty (like Guardian Defenders). I'm definitely open to suggestions here.

As for the special operatives, I decided to follow a "mercenary" theme, using those Dark Eldar units that seemed to be most closely associated as mercenary type units for the Kabals. It also helps that my two favorite units are Incubi and Mandrakes, each cool and terrifying in their own way. Personally, I would have used either a Hellion or a Beastmaster for the Wych Cult Kill Team, keeping with the whole Wych theme, but I can't really affect that (though my modified version of the Wych Cult Kill Team will include that change. So I've used the Scourge for the Kabalite Trueborn.

Disclaimer, of the Aeldari sub-factions, I'm least well-versed with the Drukhari. I've never gotten around to painting up my minis (most from the 3rd edition WH40K release), so I'm open to suggestions with regard to Dark Eldar theme and what-not (if I've missed some things).

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Kabalite Trueborn Kill Team for Shadow War: Armageddon
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