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 Combat Drug Stacking ?

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PostSubject: Combat Drug Stacking ?   Thu Mar 01 2018, 20:58

Small quote I need clarification on:

"Alternatively, you can pick the bonus the unit receives ,but if you do this you can not choose a bonus that has already been taken by another unit until all six combat drugs have been taken once each."

This basically means, I can take 6 units, 1 for each different drug, but after that I can give any drugs I want to any more units I want, so I can proceed to stack drugs how I want.

I wish Talos got combat drugs or some Coven Stimulants. I got 6 of them. Trying to revitalize my truekin army.

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Drug Stacking ?   Thu Mar 01 2018, 21:27

Yes. Basically, if you're playing a Cult army, you're going to have to get some "token" units to dispose of the mandatory useless drugs. Usually goes like this :

- 1 Ld drug to a Beastmaster (very strong combo)
- 1 Mvt and 1 WS drugs to a Succubus, or a small 5 wyches unit
- 1 Tougness often given to reavers
- 1 Strength drug given to some Hecatrix
- Infinite Attack drugs spammed across wyches and hellions.

If cult units were any good, that would be a very solid trick...

My Kabal
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PostSubject: Re: Combat Drug Stacking ?   Fri Mar 02 2018, 02:21

Just to make sure we're on the same page...Each unit still only gets 1 drug right?

Not like "stacking" as in each unit gets all 6...

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Drug Stacking ?   Fri Mar 02 2018, 03:28

Yeah, 1 per unit

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Drug Stacking ?   

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Combat Drug Stacking ?
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