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 What Hero Model would you bring out?

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Lord of the Chat

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PostSubject: Re: What Hero Model would you bring out?   Sun Mar 04 2018, 21:05


As a rule I have always found Mandrakes stupid. The 3rd ed ones wore questionable gear. The current ones are stupid with flappy skin trousers. The artwork for Kheradruakh in the 5th ed codex was so cool and I think a four armed DE character would make for a good model


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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: What Hero Model would you bring out?   Mon Mar 05 2018, 19:43

@Bibitybopitybacon wrote:
Lady Malys! But I'm suspicious that they used her concept art for yvraine.... But maybe steel fans are the must have battle accessory for the discerning Dark Eldar Lady this century?

Either that or a crippling lack or originality amongst the writing staff....makes ya think.
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Pain Engine

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PostSubject: Re: What Hero Model would you bring out?   Tue Mar 06 2018, 17:42

I'd really like our existing characters to be updated first, but judging by GW's recent sculpts, maybe they're better left untouched. Aside from that and me wanting movement options for our HQs, I really want Vect and his dais. He's such a legend at this point, and he can be a truly supportive character in an army and game that lacks them, sitting in his expensive tank and being the ultimate force multiplier. Guaranteed first turn, extra moves, cp manipulation... you can do so much with him, and it all makes sense.
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Khalyxidae hybristoma

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PostSubject: Re: What Hero Model would you bring out?   Wed Mar 07 2018, 16:25

Most definitely The Barry Sax and Lady Mal (UNLESS) and Duke Slick

Baron was not only a cool fluffy addition to the group, not only a highly mobile HQ, but also made hellions a damn sight more useful and opened up a bunch of new strategic angles with his stealth field and weird haruspicy.

Lady Mal was just always cool, fluffy, and has more than proven herself able to stand in the maelstrom of Commorrite politics. Seems like a real sensible choice.

HOWEVER, if she's like, just Yvraine now, I'd definitely say Kruellagh. The name is (was?) great, but I'd also be ok with them changing it to something a tad less on-the-nose. Her weapon concept was always really goddamn cool to me, and I feel like she could make a really interesting choice, especially leading a group of incubi or maybe witches.

The Thin, Poisonous Duke would be super great, if only to give us a more tangible option to go full-on sky-fall-deep-strike nonsense, and that's just too much fun. Also any poison buffs are of course welcome. It'd be fun to see him on some kind of venom-chariot or something. I feel like that would fit.

I really dig the idea of the Decapitator, and I think he could be an interesting character and a super cool model, but not necessarily an HQ. He kinda seems like more of a loner and a free agent, especially now that he finished his skull portal thing. I super dig his whole 'choose a head to take' biz - i would absolutely like to see that mechanic somewhere for sure. He could be like some sort of Drukhari death leaper.
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PostSubject: Re: What Hero Model would you bring out?   Thu Mar 08 2018, 00:13

I'd like the duke back. I loved his rules, and used him in most of my games...

But really what I want is more variety in our basic HQs. Bring back jetbikes and jet packs. huzzah!
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PostSubject: Re: What Hero Model would you bring out?   

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What Hero Model would you bring out?
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