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 Kabal of the Toxic Nightmare

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Archon Teneshar
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"A death raid?" Dracon Ahrdros Teneshar spat, "What madness has come over the Archon?"

"Watch your tongue, if I had not spoken in your favor, you and your men would have simply been slain, at least this way you have a chance". The Hierarch of the walked towards the hangar with the young Dracon, a Trueborn that had served in his own squad a few centuries before. "Lord Vect has decided that your ambition has overshadowed your loyalty. You have options now boy, live or die, either way you are dead to the Kabal, you will never walk these halls again".

Teneshar walked through the great doors to the hangar doors to a sight that would chill the blood of any sane mortal. Five hundred Kabalites and two hundred Wyches readied their transports. Many would be filled beyond capacity as Ravager crews and Razorwing pilots were denied their own craft, far too valuable to be cast away with the exiles of course. Awaiting him beside his personal Venom were a single disfigured Haemonculus accompanied by his concubines.

The Dracon mounted his Venom and maneuvered it in front of the rapidly opening portal to realspace. He looked over his formation momentarily, everyone who had ever followed his orders was present, and he was certain that many would soon die for their loyalty. Teneshar turned back to the portal and charged into certain death.


Two years passed after the disastrous attack on the Mon-Keigh war world, before the survivors managed to repair the equipment necessary to open a portal back to their own realm.

In order to avoid any ire their former Kabal might hold for them, they took territory in lower Commorragh, absorbing the youth gangs who once controlled the voidcraft graveyard that was to be their new home. What they lacked in military might the survivors more than made up for in slave labor, having filled their transports to bursting with captured Mon-Keigh.

A great sprawling fortress was built in the bottom of a chasm, beneath the corpses of the once mighty vessels with a single central tower that extended above the lip, and deep into the rocks below. Once construction was complete, the chasm was filled to the brim with all manner of poisonous fluids drained from the wreckage. The fumes of this toxic lake strong enough to give any beings not accustomed to them extremely vivid hallucinations. It is from this that Archon Teneshar named his newly formed Kabal: Toxic Nightmare. The other surviving leaders also took up residence within the newly dubbed Sunken Spire, and formed their own subservient organizations: The Cult of Seduction and The Reborn



Overall Command/Kabal of the Toxic Nightmare:
Archon Ahrdros Teneshar, former Dracon of Black Heart.

Cult of Seduction:
Succubus Hellz Larahmor, Concubine to Teneshar.

The Reborn:
Haemonculus Erophet, 'Keeper of Souls'.


Toxic Nightmare:
The Kabal functions as the heart of the alliance, and patrols the territory jealously. Also venturing into nearby territories or realspace for quick small-scale supply or slave raids. The Kabal gets first choice from youth gangs in the local territories, and starts training recruits a few years younger than some of the more established Kabals in Commorragh.

Cult of Seduction:
Acts as recruiting and scouting agents. Teams scout the scrapyards daily, gathering any crafts or parts that can be salvaged to fill the hangar. Others recruit every Drukhari they can to bolster the ranks. Those unlikely to succeed as in the arena are taught the way of the courtesan, those too plain for this path are given to The Reborn.

The Reborn:
The Haemonculi of the reborn create the combat drugs and poisons for the alliance, as well as enhancing those who are willing to pay the price and 'enhancing' those who displease the Archon, or are deemed worthless by the Cult. Their main function however is to maintain the soultech that prevents the move valuable members of the alliance from ever truly dying.


The alliance is still small, therefore and relies heavily on its speed and poisons to reduce casualties. Splinter weaponry and Blasters are the most common weapons carried by infantry, and vehicles are generally loaded down with Dark Lances.

The officers and those most favored by the Archon carry an Agonizer or Electrocorosive whip to denote their higher status.

Hellion gangs are often brought into combat in order to gauge how the might handle crewing Raiders, Ravagers, and Venoms in Combat. Reavers are tested to find the best fighter pilots.
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Kabal of the Toxic Nightmare
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