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 The Lesser Races Section Is Locked

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PostSubject: The Lesser Races Section Is Locked   Mon Feb 12 2018, 15:04

So, it has just come to my attention that we’ve locked the ‘Other Allies’ section of the forum. I’m fairly certain this happened a while ago, and I’ve just been practicing some patented ignoring of the obvious, but I still have a question or two about the decision.

I assume the rationale there is that we no longer have the option to take such allies? If not, then please correct me.

I still think the section has a place in our forum, however, perhaps with a renaming?

‘Discussion of the Lesser Races’ or similar, just a place to throw around discussion about codices, models or units that are not of the Aeldari variety.

Thank you for your time.

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Count Adhemar
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PostSubject: Re: The Lesser Races Section Is Locked   Mon Feb 12 2018, 15:16

As it says in the forum description:

The Kabals of Commorragh often employ all manner of alien mercenaries and captive slaves, all willing to fight for the right price or timely cause. This forum is for tactical and general discussion of the use of allies with the Dark Eldar.

As we can no longer use allies that are not of the Aeldari faction that section no longer applies. If you wish to discuss any of the lesser races please use the Warhammer 40,000 Discussion forum here

Count Adhemar


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The Lesser Races Section Is Locked
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