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 Corsair and Craftworld Kill Teams for Shadow War: Armageddon

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PostSubject: Corsair and Craftworld Kill Teams for Shadow War: Armageddon   Fri Feb 09 2018, 01:54

I'm developing rules to give more options to players in Shadow War: Armageddon, starting with various Aeldari. The primary work has been taking place over at the Bolter & Chainsword, where I primarily hang out when I'm online. I found this site through a link over at the B&C, as a matter of fact, and figured that the members here have a wealth of Aeldari knowledge and experience, so I figured it would be wise to expand the scope of discussion for better input.

Once finalized, each of these will be made available as a downloadable pdf via the B&C (I'll post links here). For now, each is provided as a jpg.

I'd love to hear your input so that I can improve upon these lists.

ELDAR CORSAIRS - This is the list that started my efforts as I'm a big fan of the 1st edition Eldar (the mercenaries and pirates, before the coming of the harlequins and the craftworlds as we now know them).

BLACK GUARDIANS - In my opinion, the Craftworld Eldar kill team rules should be re-named to "Dire Avenger Kill Teams" to better reflect its focus. In my mind, the Asuryani might deploy different kill teams depending upon the mission parameters and available forces. In the case of Ulthwé, which has fewer aspect warrior shrines and instead relies upon its standing Black Guardian squads, we're far more likely to see Guardians. This kill team might be used to represent a crack Guardian squad from any craftworld.

HOWLING BANSHEES - I could also see an autarch sending a squad of Howling Banshees on a kill team mission. For this list, I've merely replaced the Dire Avengers with Howling Banshees; and I've changed the Guardians into Storm Guardians (so no heavy weapon platforms - special weapons only). This drastically changes the dynamic of the kill team's performance.

STRIKING SCORPIONS - Very much like the Howling Banshees kill team above, but replacing them with Striking Scorpions.

Again, thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I hope you enjoy using these in your games of Shadow War: Armageddon.

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Corsair and Craftworld Kill Teams for Shadow War: Armageddon
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