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 Your Dark Eldar favorites...

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Wed Sep 14 2011, 09:52

Let's see what we've got here...

Favorite models: Probably mandrakes (despite subpar rules) or Scourges that look wonderful hiding in ruined city buildings.

Favorite rules: Thats a tough one, I do enjoy shooting out of my raiders and venoms without having to disembark...but I also love Reavers zooming around and chopping heads off here and there...

Favorite character: Either the Baron and his crazy Hellion Shenanigans, or Drazhar just so you can be a combat god and piss off your opponent by saying "Oh thats a nasty looking thunder hammer" *switches Drazhar to other side of combat*

Favorite Item(s): Soultrap and Huskblade...Nothing says we're the best like telling your opponent that your little measly hero hits at I7, with 5 S10 attacks that cause instant-death Twisted Evil
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Wed Sep 21 2011, 23:58

Model - All the way at the top, Wracks together with the raiders.

Rules - without doubt the Power From Pain army-wide rule.

Character - Lelith

wargear - haywires on wyches

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Fri Sep 23 2011, 05:24

Hmm, let's see...

Unit rules - Chronos. Nothing says pain-token lovin' like hiting a swarm army with these guys...

Models - Grotesques. So shoot me, I love the mono-pose bastards.

Special character - The Baron. For all those crazy things he does to make Hellions even better.

Wargear - Stunclaw "Oh yeah, I'm dragging your IC 3d6 inches over this way and then I'll be poking him with a variety of sharp objects. Why are you crying?"
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Fri Oct 28 2011, 21:45

Unit rules - Harlequins
Models - Harlequins (I know i will get shot for this but these bad boys belongs to us), but from new sculps i would say the Talos even if im not a real "coven" guy.
Special character - Baron Sathonyx
Wargear - Webway Portal

I'm just sold on the jester theme i guess. Most armies i put together tend to include atleast one unit of Harlequins. I also got 12 Harlequin Jetbike fronts waiting to go onto Reavers, and a couple of War Walkers that will be "Harlequined" to fit the theme.

"I'm a mean son of a gun. I do not shoot to kill, i shoot to wound."
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Sat Oct 29 2011, 11:47

@Duke Sliscus wrote:
Model; Kabalite Warriors. They look great, have a load of options and are a blast to paint. Best looking troops in the game imo.
100% agreed.

Unit Rules- I guess the Reavers are great, but the Ravager's just great- moving 12" and still shooting 3 DL, that's ace.

Special Character- Duke Sliscus, he's just great and I guess I'll be using him in larger games... someday in the far future Wink

Wargear- Flickerfield, Agonizer and the combo of Huskblade and Soultrap- haven't tried it yet, but looks good on paper and seems to be worth the points.

Favourite Kabal- the one I'm just starting to collect and play- my own Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Sat Oct 29 2011, 22:56

Unit rules: Venoms

Models: All the DE models i've been playing the army for 6 years.

Special Character: Baron Sathonyx

Wargear: Flickerfields (about time my vehicles got some form of a save without resorting to going 24), Bones of the Seer 1+ to go first come on! and shadowfield.

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Sun Oct 30 2011, 21:39

@Thor665 wrote:

Character: Fluffwise - Lady Malys. A mind like a precision timepiece, goes crazy and cuts out her own heart for kicks, and will slice you up with a battle fan. The fluff for her is awesome, I just wish her stats and abilities really made her worth fielding.

As with video games, if I like a selectable character enough due to fluff/style or whatever, I pick them anyway and let my play style evolve to cover any weaknesses or any new strengths I might not be used to. I wouldn't say Malys is terribly powerful and there are some things I would prefer her to have but I love to pick her because she is quite clearly bonkers.

All she really needed was some awesome quotes, like the Craftworld Eldar have.
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Siticus the Ancient

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Thu Nov 03 2011, 20:41

Favourite model: Scourges, bar none. They are so awesome that I take them in every single game, no matter how useful they actually turn out to be. They've slaughtered Avatars and Wraithlords, they've also died by flying upstairs. They take up so much space in my figure case though...

Favourite unit: I'll go with Razorwing here. That was a nice squad of Terminators you had there. Shame four Monoscythes wiped out eight of them. I absolutely love to take out that one killy deathstar squad of ultimate doom with my winged babies.

Favourite wargear: Soul trap (though Shadowfield comes second). Although I rarely get to use it since my archon has the tendency to die rather quickly to massed lasguns, finishing off enemy's scary HQ, then sucking in his soul is incredibly satisfying. My archon WILL swallow the soul of the Avatar itself one day!

Favourite special character: Duke Sliscus. Dark Eldar David Bowie space pirate pimp anti-marine fellow. If only his statline wasn't overall poorer than that of the average rank and file archon...
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Marquis Vaulkhere
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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Tue Nov 08 2011, 17:32

Moddle~ Raiders are perfect. Just got a ravager and omg it looks amazing.

Rule~ Aerial assault. Move 12, fire three darklances, "ok then".

Fluff~ Cant decide. Love the lords of the iron thorn, lady malys and the entire codex.

Wargear~ Splinter weapons. "O you payed how much for marks of nurgle?"

Character~ Fluff = malys, rules = baron, picture = lelith "grrrr"

Tactic~ Msu with splinter spam, carnival of flesh and ravagers.

"The only constant in the universe is pain."
~Coven of the Splinterd tongue: Project Log
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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   

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Your Dark Eldar favorites...
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