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 Your Dark Eldar favorites...

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Sat May 21 2011, 22:49

models - Either Kabalite warriors or incubi
unit rules - power from pain
special character - drazhar
wargear - shadowfield (very happy this came over from the old codex)
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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Sun May 22 2011, 06:38

Hmm, let's see.. this is tough...

Fav Model: Reaver Jetbikes. These things are just really boss. I've got 9 of them and I can't wait to get them all on the table for a good fun game.

Unit Rules: Bladevanes. I really wish they had written the rules for the flyby on the Reavers a little differently, but they're still a lot of fun and a great distraction technique.

Special Character: Lelith Hesperax. She's just a beauty. Yeah, I miss that she didn't get Combat Drugs, or at least another point in strength, but she still manages to math out the same number of wounds as two Succubi (which would be the same cost as her alone) and she still gets a Shardnet added on.

Wargear: Tough call. Cluster Caltrops are high on the list, but so are Agonisers...
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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Wed May 25 2011, 06:28

Model: Razorwing Jetfighter.

Rules: Wyches (Dodge, etc.)

Wargear: Enchanced Aethersails for Raiders.

Special Character: Urien Rakarth, hes like 4 haemonculus in one!

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Wed May 25 2011, 18:57

I didn't much like the new Urien Rakarth model when I first saw it. But, I have to say, it is growing on me and fast becoming on of my favorite models.

As for rules, I smile like a kid in a candy store whenever I read Lelith's "A League Apart" and Vect's rule about have Preferred Enemy against all opponents.

(Wouldn't it figure, the one day I leave my codex home, is the day I need to reference it!)
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Wed May 25 2011, 21:54

Model: Either Incubi or Mandrakes

Rules: After today: Wyches and Cronos (yes, really)

Wargear: Shattershard

Character: Vect. The guy is the most badass evil genius around. What's not to like?

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Thu May 26 2011, 21:30

In order of most important (I'm more hobbyst than player)
Models: Lelith (first GW female sculpt that is not "butterface"), "Bird" Scourges, Shadow, Wyches and Reavers, selfmade stuff Wink

Fluff/style: Reavers, Coven units, Lady Malys. Oh and Sslyths, since they are kinda... Orky Smile

Rules/Wargear: David Bowi... Duke. Venoms. Haywire Grenades, Haywire Blasters and Heat Lances. Raiders and most of his upgrades ("Reinforced Ram" and "Red Paint Job" FTW!). High initiative and GOOD save in CC.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Tue May 31 2011, 08:46

Unit rules - Hmm hard one, got to be Ravanger. But if it was fav rule it has to be Combat Drug.

Models - Scourges

Special character - Sliscus, but if you think about fluff its Lady Malys.

Wargear - Haywire Blaster, just fantastic piece of wargear.

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Tue May 31 2011, 15:40

From what i have used in a game

Unit rules - Wyches with 3 tokens and a the reroll wounds drug. Poetry in motion
Models - The Raider. Evil ride of choice 2011
Special character - I havent used one yet.
Wargear - The Liquifier. Oh i rolled a 2, I guess they are all dead then Twisted Evil

Stuff i will be using soon

Unit rules - The rule that makes wracks troops
Models - Scourges
Special character - Iam considering the baron
Wargear - haywire blasters
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Fri Aug 05 2011, 10:39

Unit rules - Voidraven and Reavers. Killing stuff during the movement phase is just ace.
Models - All the Dark Eldar vehicles. The Razorwing always comes to my mind with the "Molossus" theme from Batman.
Special character - Sliscus. His rules are amazing.
Wargear - Shattershard. Come on, trapping the reflection of your enemy into a small mirror shard and shattering it would shatter your opponent? And in the game, failing the toughness test = three strikes and you are out? Yes please.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Sat Aug 06 2011, 19:51

Unit rules - hellions

Models - urien rakarth

Special character - ZE BARON!!

Wargear - shadowfield - this baby has saved my skin so many times. personnal best is making 36 consecutive saves in a single turn. 3 full units and a landraider crusader just pinged off him!!

Favorite Kabal: slashed eye
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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Sun Aug 07 2011, 14:46

Unit rules -

Models -

Special character -
Baron Sathonyx.

Wargear -
Splinter Cannon.

~ Drazhar, Master of Blades

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Incubi Death

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Sun Aug 07 2011, 15:17

Model: Scouages, I really like the bat like wings that make them look like flying devil-birds.

Rules: Ravager, moving 12'' and firing 3 dark lances, yes please!

Character: Sliscus for fairly inexpensive points he's a astounding character!

Wargear: Shadow Field, it adds some much need survivability to your archons.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Sun Aug 07 2011, 20:03

Model: Wooosh, there's been a lot of good ones. I think I'll go with Lelith, it's a beautiful piece and the one part of the new line that really nails 'Wych' correctly in my mind. From the old line - The Talos, Gieger-esque to the max.

Rule: Aerial Assault is quite possibly the best thing ever, it totally redefined what the Ravager was, how it played, and what you could now do with it. The 36" turboboost and Aethersail trickery is also fond to my heart - basically anything that once again made the DE, hands down, the fastest army in the galaxy.

Character: Fluffwise - Lady Malys. A mind like a precision timepiece, goes crazy and cuts out her own heart for kicks, and will slice you up with a battle fan. The fluff for her is awesome, I just wish her stats and abilities really made her worth fielding. Rulewise - Probably ol' Baron Sathypants and his +1 die roll effect, alpha strike is us.

Wargear: The whole splinter arsenal. That really redefined the shooting potential of our army and made the basic Warriors something to actually fear again. Our ability to basically laugh at MCs and other high toughness threats now is sickening.


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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Sun Aug 07 2011, 21:41

Hmm I'm on a real love affair with the DE at the moment and each unit is a joy to play with which cannot be said for most armies, DE just seems to get better and better.

For the sake of Interest I'm going to give my 'worst' for each category too.

Model- ALL of them , though my favorite has to be the Razorwing, no model has induced such child like joy in a long time, give-us-a-hug heamo is probably the worst model in the range...

Rule- Power from pain, it is so characterful but at the same time offers rewards for intelligent play, who said space elves have to be fragile? FnP has saved my butt over and over, and Incubi with FC and FnP are amazing, Wyches are game winners with FnP. Worst rule is probably mandrakes fail-fire.

Character - Vect, putting the bad into bad-a**, worst- Drazhar more crappy pheonix lord fail 200+ points and no Invuln ? Ill pass thanks, he in no way stacks up to other similarly priced characters from across 5th.

Wargear- Soul trap, whats not to like ? fave item ever !, the crucible of malediction is hilariously bad . one shot ,20 points , limited range and relies on people failing ld 10's , utter waste of time. most of the heamo artefacts etc are rubbish one use wonders.

Rant in E Minor
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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Sun Aug 07 2011, 23:42

Model: I'd have to agree with a lot of people here, and say that Lelith Hesperax probably has the best-done model GW has ever produced, although it would have been nice if she had a more seductive, playful pose option or alternative cast.

Rule: I really like what they did with Reavers, which in my opinion are the best jetbikes in the game because they actually take advantage of the fact that they can turboboost in order to do damage. Other than that, Power From Pain has proven to be incredibly useful.

Character: Duke Sliscus is an awesome support character. Being able to roll two dice and pick whichever one you want for combat drugs, make one unit's splinter weapons wound on 3+ AND allows you to Deep Strike your Raiders, Venoms and Ravagers? Yes please!

Wargear: Flickerfields. 'Nuff said.

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Mon Aug 08 2011, 01:23

@Sorrowshard wrote:
Worst rule is probably mandrakes fail-fire.
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Mon Aug 08 2011, 08:34

@Thor665 wrote:
@Sorrowshard wrote:
Worst rule is probably mandrakes fail-fire.
Agreed! Very Happy
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Tue Aug 09 2011, 03:16

Model-Lelith (firmly in the best GW model ever group)

Rules-Reavers (AT, AI, shooting, mobility, speed-no wonder they wouldn't let us take them as troops)

Character-Baron(for making Hellions troops and thus, making them have a place)

Wargear-Venom Blade(I can't get enough on my combat squads-I mean, 2+ poison for almost free?)

Honorable mention best model, rules (as troops), and fluff all go to Hellions. If only my LGS ever allowed Uniques in their tournaments!

The opposite:

Model:Anything Coven, but the Haemonculus is the worst

Rules:I'd say the Court forced min/max...actually, the unit upgrade rules for every unit that doesn't have Drugs (Warriors to the least extent, Trueborn, Mandrakes, Scourges, and Incubi) are all stupid

Character:Drazhar for costing just too much for a character who doesn't excel at anything

Wargear:haemonculus Wargear is universally bad, but I'd say the Ghostplate on the Dracon is so dumb it hurts.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Sun Aug 21 2011, 03:48

hmmm alright I'll have a go

Unit rules - hmm this is tough, because I havn't used every unit in the codex yet, but i'm going to go with splinter weapons, 4+ poison is golden

Models - Well for one I love how all the characters don't have poses like they are rushing into combat like imperial/chaos models have, it suits the eldar to stand there and wait for the enemy to rush to them, then cut them up with high inititive. But I also love the new incubi, so yeah going with incubi.

Special character - Now I havn't used special characters yet, but the one I'm using first will be the baron, so we will go with him (plus the model I made looks sick)

Wargear - Clone field has a special place in my heart after it helped me troll a paladin unit with my archon (okay bad rolls on his part also helped), but yeah, choosing what attacks to flat out ignore is golden, 3 rounds of combat my archon held up that paladin unit, trolling the whole time, unfortunitly the game ended before I could bring in some wyches to type the combat into my favour.

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Lurking Evil

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Fri Aug 26 2011, 19:20

Model - Gotta give it to the Scourges, heck I still have ten of the oldschool crappy metal ones! Must give an honorable mention to the Incubi however. Even though they don't have gun hats anymore they make power armor look like wet cardboard. Just looking at them makes me want to make a to scale replica klaive.

Rules - This is a tough one, but I gotta go with the Reavers. They make things into speed bumps, and mulch. Gooey, gooey mulch. And the heat lance option but that's just icing on the cake.

Special Character - Gotta give it to Drazhar. The grizled old Incubi will always have a special place in my cold, cold heart. Vect is cool, Lelith is pulls off crazy cool stuff. But no one makes me imagine a whirlwind of death and skill like good old Draz.

Wargear - Huskblade for sure. I know I want a sword made out of bone from something called a 'Dessicator' that makes anything it touch pretty much disintegrate. It isn't always used to full effectiveness, but it's the shock and awe value of the thing that makes it worth it.

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Thu Sep 01 2011, 11:09

Rules - I'm not really sure as I haven't *actually* played with my Dark Eldar yet, but there's a lot of interesting things. Chronos looks fun with it's sucking of souls, heh. I don't have one of those though.

Models - Incubi! I like so many of the DE models that it's hard to choose, but definitely Incubi come out near the top, along with Raiders and Leilith.

Special Character - The only time I plan to use one is in my Wych Cult/Pirate list: Duke Sliscus. He seems like a pretty cool guy.

Wargear - Webway portal! Lol. Fluff-wise, I think the Shattershard (or is it the Hexrifle? The one that turns enemies into crystal) is pretty snazzy. Haemonculi get such cool things (again, fluff-wise).
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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Sat Sep 03 2011, 03:59

What a hard question to answer ... hmm ...

Unit rules - A squad of 5 scourges, 2 with a haywire blaster, puts LRs and monoliths in their place.

Models - Its now a tie between kabalite warriors and the soon-to-be-released Sslyth.

Special character - Undecided.

Wargear - Splinter weapons ... for taking down anything, and everything, in the 40k universe.

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Tue Sep 06 2011, 19:56

Unit rules: Reavers, bladevanes really irritate many players, which is great fun
Models: Has to be the Talos, it just looks the part
Special Character: Lelith Hesperax, don't see her in many army lists but wow does she deliver. Especially when she gets furious charge, even terminators cant stop those 13+ attacks that ignore armour saves!
Wargear: Nightshields, their is nothing sweeter then watching a lascannon or melta weapon destroy a ravager only for your opponant to realise that actually you can't quite reach it, and now you've wasted your shots- or equally it could just be the standard poisoned weapons, the bane of any expensive and tough unit
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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Tue Sep 06 2011, 20:30

Unit: Blasterborn, No wonder they made Dark Lances so expensive. If we had these guys as they are now, and sniper squads of old. It would of been the death of Mech.

Models: The entire Coven line. While they let me down with the who finecast thing, I really like the detail, and Coven has always been a soft spot for me Wink

Special Character: Darazhar. He has great stats and abilities... now only if he didnt suffer from PL syndrome, although if I had to take one PL, I think he is almost worth the point value

Rule: Power From Pain: So Fluffy, and so amazing at the same time. What makes the True Kin so different from Craftworlders

Wargear: Haywire Blaster: Man do I love this thing. Its a garenteed stun, and when you dont want that Predator to shoot, this is what I turn to.

Fluff: The Inner workings of Commogah. Now we have a picture of our great city, and it is beautiful and terrifying at the same time


Unit: Court: Man these things suck... why didnt they just keep incubi as the Archon's bodyguards in fluff... sounds so much cooler as they were the only DE who could be trusted, for enough cash ofc

Model: Raider/Ravager: Now while I like the design... man do these two come in a billion pieces... Hate putting them together, and it sucks my old ones are gone now... or else I would still be using them.

Special Character: Malys: Her rules are ok... but what I hate is SHE IS OUR ONLY PSYCHIC DEFENSE!!!! and its not even that good... man we make psychics our playthings, why dont we have more defense!!!

Rule: Dissie Profile: I miss my explosion :/

Wargear: Implosion missle: So good... so expensive on a weak tank...

Fluff: The whole rise of Vect: I like how Vect was the de-facto ruler of Commograh before, and he "allowed" The Kabals to exist. Now he just the originator of the Kabals, and he is losing power (which I like, but come on... He used to be around since the Fall man...)

Usurping Kabal leadership for his Patriarch

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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   Wed Sep 07 2011, 00:03


* Model: Scourges are my absolute faves, they just scream deadly and grace to me at the same time...which also explains my second favourite close behind them, Lelith Hesperax.

* Rules: Power from Pain; So I get to cause suffering and destruction while gaining bonuses to boot? HELL YES!!

* Special Character: I have to admit, I have a soft spot for the girls because seriously I love their rules and the fluff for both of them so much! Lelith's A League Apart just makes me happy everytime I read it, especially since it makes my boyfriend cringe at her, and if I ever field her, I can be certain no matter what else I have on the board she will be drawing EVERY ounce of fire power he has!

Malys on the other hand appeals to my usual style of playing games (this is mostly from TCG/video games) which involves limiting or restricting abilities of my opponents by her Crystal Heart. Also her redeployment antics just make me feel like a little kid saying Nuh Na when she messes with people.

But between the two Lelith wins as I dislike The Lady's Blade, since it is just Djinn Blade without the emo.


* Model: Beastmaster and the pets, they just look horrible imo

* Special Character: The Decrapitator is by far the worst one of the lot for me, because he like his minions the Mandrakes just make me wish they didn't seem so interesting and different to the rest of the codex, yet are absolutely pathetic D;

Rule: See Special Character, the rules speak for themselves...
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PostSubject: Re: Your Dark Eldar favorites...   

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Your Dark Eldar favorites...
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