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 How does a Kabal begin?

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PostSubject: How does a Kabal begin?   Mon Jan 15 2018, 19:32

Now I have actually managed to come up with a paint scheme I am happy with, all my other projects are shelved and work begins apace on my Drukhari army - the Kabal of the Splintered Mind (pics to come soon...hopefully! lol! )

I am someone who likes to personalise all my armies and come up with my own backstories, but I do like to try and anchor them in established cannon and I am ashamed to say I am not massively familiar with the Drukhari being new to them and all. So I am wondering if anyone could either explain how a Kabal forms, or point me in the direction of a resource that can?

From what I know already, I imagine that they are formed by ruthless and charismatic warriors who make a bid for power, and then surround themselves with followers they attract until they are challenged by someone else more skilled. I imagine that individual then literally stabs them in the back and takes control. In my mind my Archon is someone who was a member of a larger Kabal (e.g. Lords of the Iron Thorn) but secretly started amassing followers dedicated to him through the power of his charisma, until eventually they split off to form their own Kabal, possibly with some gratuitous murder thrown in before they left. How feasible is that?

Cheers for the help!
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PostSubject: Re: How does a Kabal begin?   Tue Jan 16 2018, 10:46

Apart from the Codex, there is a supplement for Rogue Trader (the rpg) called The Soul Reaver which would be of great help for you as it deals with archons and kabals exiled from Commorragh and such things, intrigues, arenas... Although it doesn't happen in Commorragh proper but a Webway hidden city it works nice as a background inspiration tool.

Here, a thread on its release

The thing in Amazon UK

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PostSubject: Re: How does a Kabal begin?   Sun Jan 21 2018, 06:24

A particularly ambitious or vengeful Archon begins to amass followers. That's basically it.

Most "new" Kabals either come from Low Commorrites banding together so they don't get pushed around by the bigger Kabals, or a High Commorragh Kabal gets destroyed and the Archons and Dracons within it splinter off and start up their own Kabals.

Your idea is pretty common too, one of the biggest dangers for an Archon is their Trueborn consuls getting too high and mighty and peeling followers from the Kabal as a whole to them. A revolution to put the aspiring Dracon into power, your armory being raided as half the Kabal flees to a different part of the city, they sell secrets to a rival Kabal which puts you under attack, etc.

Basically, the beauty of the True Eldar is that any way you can imagine someone rising to power is probably totally viable. Politics and backstabbing make Game of Thrones look like a sitcom, your imagination is free to run wild.

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PostSubject: Re: How does a Kabal begin?   

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How does a Kabal begin?
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