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 Eldar competitive league

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PostSubject: Eldar competitive league   Mon Dec 04 2017, 00:46

Well I thought my league was going to be more casual than its showing to be...so I guess I gotta step up my game. This time around Im playing Eldar... You can change unit loadouts, but must keep the same units

My list


Farseer Skyrunner

5 Rangers
5 Rangers

5 Shadow Spectres

5 Dark Reapers


Next is a jump to 1000

Thinking of adding

5 Rangers

3 Warwalkers, 6 Bright Lances

5 Dark Reapers into the unit

And Im clueless as to what to add for a 1500. The armies seemed pretty armor heavy this time around, but thats just at 500pts. It appears Im going to be mostly playing against space marines, but there is a deathwatch, a demons player, and a guard player
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PostSubject: Re: Eldar competitive league   Mon Dec 04 2017, 15:02

I would skip the Shadows, and take Reapers instead. Keep farseer near to use Forewarned strategem. Some meat shield is also appreciated to move away deepstriking units - Rangers seems good for it.

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Eldar competitive league
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