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 Couple of Rules questions

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PostSubject: Couple of Rules questions   Sat Dec 02 2017, 19:13

Last night I played a game against Harlequins. Fun match but some questions came from the battle.

Advance: if a unit advances, can it still shoot albeit at -1BS?
I didn’t see anything in the rule book that allowed this. It came up from Starweavers advancing all up in my deployment zone. Again I saw nothing in the BRB or Index that said they could fire at -1BS after advancing.

If a troupe with a Troupe Master dies but the troop master survives, does the Troop Master test morale in the morale phase? My opponent said no they don’t have to test bc they’re a character and not part of that unit per se. I figured he’d have to test since he was attached to that unit in every part of the game.

Thanks for any and all responses.
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PostSubject: Re: Couple of Rules questions   Sat Dec 02 2017, 19:59

I don't speak Harlequin, but if the troop master is a unit champion then yes he will suffer morale. If the troop master is a character than he isn't part of the unit and deploys, moves, advances charges etc separately from the unit and so wouldn't suffer morale for the units casualties.
If a weapon is an assault weapon then yes, it can be fired at - 1 to hit after advancing. Rapid Fire, Heavy, Pistols etc cannot. The rules for weapon types are listed in the shooting phase section of the rulebook.
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PostSubject: Re: Couple of Rules questions   Sun Dec 03 2017, 04:36

I am fairly certain the shuriken cannons are considered assault weapons on the star weavers so yes they can advance and shoot on a 4+.

As for the other question: say you have a 6 man troupe squad and a troupe master near by, the unit loses 3. They must take a morale at -3 I believe they can utilize the masters Ld if he is close enough, but since he is a character he himself would never take a moral test because he is his own unit
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PostSubject: Re: Couple of Rules questions   Sun Dec 03 2017, 04:47

Awesome. That sounds about right and makes sense. Sadly he couldn’t explain it that way and couldn’t find the rules for it. Now that I know I’ll let him know. It wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the game (i won!) but still good to know.

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PostSubject: Re: Couple of Rules questions   Sun Dec 03 2017, 12:37

Shuriken cannons are indeed assault weapons - check out the shooting section of the rules which explains that you can advance and still fire these at a penalty

As others have said, the masters is a character who acts independent of a unit (make sure he rolls seperate for charges and advances!). Unless he has a rule allowing it (he doesn't from memory) then his ld isn't relevant to the unit and they can't use it

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PostSubject: Re: Couple of Rules questions   Sun Dec 03 2017, 13:08

To clarify, there is no "attached to the unit" anymore.
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Couple of Rules questions
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