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 Thanksgiving Turkey Rumble

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PostSubject: Thanksgiving Turkey Rumble   Thanksgiving Turkey Rumble I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 28 2017, 01:11

Thanksgiving Turkey Rumble L4Oaeie

I've been in the hobby for a few years now, havent really been all that active until I convinced some friends to join me. We had a bit of a rumble over thanksgiving, thought I might as well write up a bit of a report, because we're Drukhari, we love to brag right?

Well, 'ere goes:

approx 6k points on the field. Diagonal deployment with 12" between deployment zones. Playing the open war mission of "The Prize" or whatever its called. Place the "prize" (happens to be my extra archon) in the center of the board, whoever is in control of it at the end of turn 5, wins.
T'au and Drukhari vs. Necrons, Tyranids and Chaos Daemons.

The Lists:

Turn 1:

Turn 1:

Turn 2:

Turn 2:

Turn 3:

Turn 3:


Cheers! And thanks for reading!

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Thanksgiving Turkey Rumble
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